Where Is the Best Location to Mount an Outdoor TV?

Entertaining should not be bound by the walls of your home. Richmonders love nature and get excited about spending time in the great outdoors; especially for parties and social gatherings.

In addition to enjoying nature, people also love gathering around the television for shows, movies, and sports.

Outdoor TVs Are the Solution!

Watching an all-weather television fits perfectly with a host of outside activities such as:

  • Grilling
  • Swimming in the pool
  • Relaxing on the deck
  • Sitting by an outdoor fire pit
  • Playing a game of corn hole

Is your favorite spot on your deck, alongside your pool, in your yard or around the fire pit? Why not move your television watching experience outside? Adding an outdoor television to your space enhances the fun!

Best Outdoor TV Placement

Consider these things when deciding where to place your outdoor TV:

  • size of your yard
  • favorite outdoor activities
  • mounting options
  • access to electricity

Make sure the location you select will have room for a GFCI (ground-fault current interrupting) outlet. Consider your outdoor entertainment area and evaluate how you are going to use it. How you intend to use your outdoor areas will help determine the best location for your television. Some people have installed televisions on their deck, but be careful! If your television is not rated as an all-weather television, it won’t last long! SunBrite TV’s are made to withstand the elements, and also have an anti-glare screen.

Outdoor Television Placement ConsiderationOutdoor TV mounted above outdoor fireplace


While outdoor television screens are made to deflect sunlight, you still may want to consider mounting your TV under some shade. Mounting a television under the roof of your deck or in an area of your yard that receives shade from the sunlight will help diminish glare.

Protection from Elements

Brands such as Sunbrite TV are weatherproof and made to endure the elements. However, you still may want to have some type of protection to help prolong the longevity of your TV. Since your television is going to be exposed to the elements, we recommend using a cover to protect it when it’s not in use.

Where Crowds Tend to Gather

Install your television in an area where family and friends tend to gather. Do you have a pool, hot tub, deck, grilling area or outdoor fireplace? Any of these places would be a great space for an outdoor television. By having your outdoor TV in a popular place, you can ensure the most viewing time for your family.outdoor entertaining

Best Type of Outdoor TV Mount

There are different types of mounts available for your outdoor television. Outdoor TV’s are rated specifically for outdoor use, and the mount you choose should be weatherproof as well. The television mount needs to withstand the elements of being outside in both the hot and cold temperatures.

Outdoor TV mounts need to be strong enough that they won’t rust or corrode, and are sturdy enough to hold the weight of an outdoor television. If your TV is going to be in a static position you can use a non-articulating mount, pole or ceiling mount.

Articulating Outdoor Rated TV Mount

One of the best mounts for outdoor televisions is the articulating outdoor rated mount. It’s one of our favorites, because it combines strength and a sleek design. These specialized outdoor mounts help provide your television the support it needs without taking away from the natural beauty of your yard.

outdoor string lights hanging on a line in backyardThe Articulating Outdoor TV Mounts are known for being able to:

  • Deliver a wide range of viewing angles
  • Allows you to tilt the TV towards the group
  • Stands up to the elements

Outdoor Entertaining

In considering an outdoor television, research the cost of an outdoor television and installation to stay within your allocated budget. By adding a TV to your yard, you can ensure many hours of viewing entertainment while enjoying the outdoors.

When looking for the ultimate backyard experience, outdoor televisions are a must have!

Hire a Professional to Install Your Outdoor TV

Have questions about installing an outdoor television? Moseley Electronics has installed outdoor TVs all over Richmond, Henrico, and Midlothian, and we are certified SunBrite TV dealers. Call us at (804) 379-1348 or schedule an appointment online to take your viewing experience out into nature today!