Outdoor TV Ideas for Richmond Restaurants

Richmond isn’t called “The River City” for nothing! We have miles and miles of riverfront properties, as well as lakefront restaurants and a wide array of outdoor eating establishments.

What is your restaurant doing to set itself apart?

Most restaurants in RVA have some sort of a hook that helps them stand out from their competition, like a unique food offering, special outdoor seating areas, a rooftop bar, special drinks, amazing views, and more.

However, this is the time of year people are looking for places with an outside area that will let them enjoy the weather and a nice views while wining and dining.

Have you ever thought about adding a few weatherproof TVs to your outside eating area?

Outdoor TVs for Restaurants!

It’s no secret that people like to watch TV while enjoying good food, drinks and conversation.

When combining their favorite things, people will frequent your establishment more regularly; which is the ultimate goal, right?

Here are 6 ideas for how to use an outdoor television at your Richmond bar or restaurant.

1. Outdoor TVs for Sports

A sports bar usually lends itself to broadcasting popular sports games like baseball, football, basketball, golf, or auto racing. During the Summer Olympics you can find groups gathered around the TV and cheering on the USA!

Is there a big college game being televised or a NASCAR race? Both of these events have very loyal followers who don’t want to miss a single play or turn around the racetrack! Sharing this experience with friends is the next best thing to actually being there.

Let your patrons watch the game from inside or out!

Some local eateries and sports bars often purchase pay-per-view events like UFC fights, which is a huge draw for their business on these nights. What’s better than meeting friends for cold beer, good food and and the big fight?

If you attend an outdoor event, like a “Flying Squirrels” game, you will likely see TV’s in the special lounges and luxury suites. These provide spectators with a more up close view of the action.

2. Outdoor TV for Cooking Shows

Some restaurants like to air cooking shows, bake-offs and most anything on the Food Network. RVA’s own Buz and Ned’s Real Barbecue was on an episode of “Throwdown” with Bobby Flay on the Food Network.

Just recently, the owner of Belmont Butchery, Tanya Cauthen, won $10,000 on Food Network’s “Chopped.” It’s great publicity to share the local talent and fine cuisine we have here in RVA.

3. Promotional Use of Outdoor Televisions

Use an outdoor television as a digital menu board, wine list, or beer list. Advertise nightly food and drink specials and upcoming events in your establishment and around RVA.

Coordinate with Richmond’s big events like Dominion Riverrock or Carytown’s Watermelon Festival and offer specials to encourage patrons to come to your place after attending these local venues.

4. Entertain Patrons with an Outdoor Television

What better way to draw a crowd than by rooting for a local RVA celebrity on “The Voice”? Patrons love the feeling of supporting local talent and placing bets on who will return to the contest the following week.

5. Outdoor TVs for Music

There are a variety of music channels available on cable TV today. Restaurants and venues can host an “80’s” themed night featuring music and videos from the 80’s, and customers come dressed in their best retro outfit.

Everyone loves revisiting their favorite decade! It’s a great idea to host a difference decade each Friday or Saturday night to spanning 40 years in a month to draw great crowds who love good music, food and fun! 

6. Did Someone Say “Karoke on the Outdoor TV?”

How about karaoke? If there is not enough room inside or out, broadcast the fun on the outdoor tv’s so no patron will miss the fun.

After all, another contestant might emerge from RVA to tackle “The Voice.”

Taking It to the Streets!

Help Your RVA Bar or Restaurant Standout with an Outdoor TV!

Whether it’s watching sports, cooking shows, or singing contests; the addition of an outdoor television to your business signals a WIN! And will set you apart from your competition this summer! Special events bring people together to celebrate, and share a common bond over similar interests.

Make sure your business is equipped with the latest in outdoor televisions!

Local Richmonders will know where to go for the best outdoor entertainment and fun with friends! Call us at (804) 379-1348 or schedule an appointment online for a consultation on the best placement for your outdoor television and take your entertainment outdoors!