Is the Weather in Richmond Safe for Outdoor Televisions?

Richmond gets extremely hot and muggy in the summertime and frigid cold in the winter; often getting several inches of snow. This begs the question,”Is the weather in Richmond safe enough for outdoor televisions?

The answer is Yes! Outdoor TVs Can Handle the Weather in Richmond, Virginia!

Properly research the brand of TV you are interested in buying to see the rigorous tests that have been performed, as well as the temperatures these televisions have been exposed to.

Watch the below video to see just how durable the SunBrite TV is when it gets everything thrown at it!

Outdoor TVs in Hot Temperatures

All-weather televisions are tested in one of the hottest climates in the United States: Las Vegas, Nevada. These televisions have been tested in temperatures of up to 145 degrees F.

Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about reaching this degree of heat in Richmond! However, by having these TVs measure up to such heat standards, we know RVA’s outdoor televisions will perform well during our warm summers.

Outdoor TVs in Cold Temperatures/Freezing

Outdoor televisions have been tested in sub-freezing temperatures of -24 degrees F and have continued to perform normally.

Most people may not want to sit outdoors in the freezing snow to watch their outdoor television; however, you can take the “Polar Plunge” of viewing knowing it will work for you! A piece of advice when not using your outdoor television: We recommend covering it to keep it protected from the elements.

Outdoor TVs in High Winds and Hail

While high winds might be an issue near the beach or mid-West, here in RVA we rarely get high wind gusts for long periods of time.

All-weather televisions are sturdy and can handle most flying branches and balls thrown at them as seen in the SunBrite video.

Therefore, high winds and hail should be no match for these sturdy all-weather televisions. When installing these TV’s, special care is taken to make sure the TV mount is secure to avoid potential damage.

Whether to Worry About the Weather

The weather in Richmond is known to fluctuate…hot one day and cold the next. While we can’t control the crazy weather, rest assured that the outdoor TV you have purchased and installed will work in whatever extreme temperatures Mother Nature throws our way.

These outdoor televisions are called “all-weather TV’s” for a reason; they are built to withstand both hot and freezing temperatures, high winds, insects and hail.

Contact us online or call us at (804) 379-1348 with your questions regarding outdoor televisions, brands and placement. We are happy to help install an all-weather TV in Richmond, Virginia for your home or business today!