Why is Music So Important to Retail Business?

The importance of music may run deeper than you expect. Since the beginning of time, people have enjoyed listening to music to relax and get those happy feelings flowing.

Being in the Audio/Visual business for over four decades, we can tell you how important music is to consumers. Whether it’s in your home, car, store, restaurant or gym, you are surrounded by music for a large part of your day. But did you know there is an actual science behind the music? Many stores and places of business have music playing for their customers. There have been studies that show the positive effect music has on people and how certain music can encourage people to stay in your store longer, possibly buy more, and recommend you to others.

How Retailers Use Music

Retailers gear music towards the certain demographic they are trying to reach. Have you ever been to a Hollister store? Loud, trendy music for teens is cranked through the speakers. While the teens enjoy this type of environment, it unfortunately tends to run the parents, that have the money, out of the store! Since music evokes a lot of feelings, retailers will choose music that will make the consumer feel a certain way, so the consumer isn’t rationally thinking about whether to purchase an item.

Music is a very competitive tool for business owners. Have you noticed which songs or genres of music a business plays as you enter their store? The right music can have a positive impact on purchasing decisions, customer moods, store ambiance, brand image, and employee well-being. Faster paced music tends to get people out of the store faster which may mean missed sales, but on the converse, slower music tends to keep people in the store longer which hopefully leads to increased sales.

Here’s a few more quick facts on music inside of a business:

  • Classical music tends to give consumers the impression of a more high end establishment; which could have an adverse opinion of the establishment if consumers think the products are too expensive.
  • Studies have shown that if people are listening to good music while on hold on the phone, they are more likely to stay on hold longer and not get frustrated.
  • Music played in your business affects the consumer’s opinion of your brand.
  • The type of music played in your store affects how long customers will stay there.

Music and Shopping Behavior

Music and shopping behavior has been researched extensively so retailers will know how to market their consumers. Not surprisingly music is believed to be the most commonly studied retail environmental cue. Most retailers would agree that music is one of their most important considerations.

Music & Psychology 

musicIn 1982, researcher Robert Milliman found that “the tempo of instrumental background music can significantly influence both the pace of in-store traffic flow and the daily gross sales volume purchased by customers.”

According to Dr. Vicky Williamson, the authority on the psychology of music:

“Music positively influences consumer mood/emotional states through psycho-physiological reactions and autobiographical memory associations. Silence, by comparison, can be intrusive, as it throws unwelcome attention on the consumers’ behavior.”

When there is no background noise, the customer tends to feel anxious, like all the focus is on them, which causes them to leave the store more abruptly and without a purchase. Therefore, disputing the saying that silence is “golden.”

Music Is a Powerful Retail Tool

Music is a fun way to express your emotions and is also a commanding tool for retailers. Customers can feel positive, confident, and happy making their purchases just by hearing the right tunes. The use of tempo, volume and genre, combined with certain music selections, will give retailers the power to increase the spending habits of the majority of customers who walk through their doors. Take the time to notice the types of music you encounter throughout your day and what types of effects it has on your mood.

Since music is such an important part of the customer experience you’ll want to make sure your business has only the best for your loyal customers – and that’s where we come in. Give Moseley Electronics a call today  at (804)379-1348 and see how we can help outfit your store with beautiful audio systems to keep the mood just the way you like it for your patrons.