What Should I Do With My Outdated and Ugly Intercom System?

Does your central Virginia home have an old intercom system that’s not functioning? We can help! You no longer have to look at this eye sore, but instead put it to good use. Decades ago, when these intercom systems were installed, it was considered innovative technology. Today everyone relies on their cell phones, apps, and electronic devices for constant contact with people.

5 Solutions for An Outdated Intercom System:

1. Removing an Intercom System

This seems like the most obvious solution when you have been staring at this eyesore for many years. However, there are some things to consider before just ripping it out of the wall. You need to know if your intercom system is battery powered or hard-wired into the wall. Systems that use wall outlets or batteries require little technical skills to remove, while systems that are hardwired into your wall will be more complex to remove. Make sure you always turn off the power to disconnect the wires before removing it. If you are not sure how to do this, please call us or another professional to help you.

2. Concealing an Old Intercom System

If you are no longer using your intercom system, you can always opt to conceal it if you don’t want to physically remove it from your wall. Although this is not the most effective solution, it is definitely the easiest way to decommission your outdated intercom system. If you are not a self-proclaimed “DIYer” you can strategically place a bookcase, china hutch, picture or other piece of furniture in front of the unit to obstruct the intercom from view. This, of course, is dependent upon where exactly the intercom is located in each room.

3. Repair an Intercom System

There are still several models that you can repair and get replacement parts for depending on the vendor. While some might be a bit pricy to repair it’s still an option if you’re completely connected to this particular intercom and use it enough to justify the cost.

4. Upgrade an Outdated Intercom System

If your intercom system is broken and you still want to use it, you can upgrade it to operate in a more functional way for your household. As with other forms of technology, intercom systems have advanced and become more sophisticated over the years. Depending on how old your unit is, you will probably be able to see an immense improvement in a newer system.

5. Replacing an Old Intercom System

There are alternatives to using this space for just intercoms. Does your family enjoy music? You can replace your intercom system by adding a newer system that can incorporate music into each room without having to hunt down your old cassette tape!

Let Us Replace or Upgrade Your Intercom

If you are not sure of which option you want to chose, contact our technicians in the Richmond, VA area at (804) 379-1348 and they will be happy to take a look at your current system, discuss your needs, and find the best solution possible for your home and family.


Yes, there are intercoms available that can utilize the old wiring in the house that can give you clear, crisp sounds. We can also replace your old intercom with a Retro-fit.  Another great feature is that you can stream music through a cable channel or iPod with an auxiliary connection.


Yes, in most cases.  Most intercoms systems installed in the last 30 years can be repaired as long as parts are available.  (Most stay in production for 15-20 years) We can also upgrade to retro-fit to a newer system utilizing the old wiring.


There is an incorrect setting on the master.  There is probably too much gain on the intercom stations. (think microphones in relation to other equipment).