Old Intercom + New SONOS Connect = A Happy Family

Do you have an old Nutone, AudioTech, M&S Intercom Systems, or other out-dated intercom installed in your home? If you are no longer using the intercom, and are looking for a way to make it functional again, consider using your intercom system for something more useful for the family.

What’s Old is New Again

Today everyone is “upcycling” old, outdated things and finding new purposes for them. The same can be said when looking at your obsolete intercom system and wondering how to make it into something new and enjoyable. By adding a SONOS Connect to your intercom you can equip it with the capabilities to broadcast music throughout your home into each room that has an intercom speaker.

SONOS Connect

Our technicians can utilize the existing connections on your intercom and can get you on your way to enjoying your favorite music from room to room. Most of the time we listen to music via the radio, iPod, or other streaming device that is located in just one room. This updated solution would give your home the capability to have music playing in each room which is nice for parties and social gatherings. SONOS also has some features you may not know about such as the Sports information feature. That’s right…you can broadcast the big game and listen to it in each room of your house, so you won’t miss any plays! Using SONOS Connect is easy and a great option to update your space while pleasing the whole family!

Not Your Grandma’s Intercom

SONOS Connect is an easy way to have wireless music playing throughout your house. Music tends to make everyone happy, and by using existing connections, SONOS Connect will provide high quality sound throughout your house. Updating this currently unused piece of equipment seems like a great solution! Have questions regarding how to obtain and install your SONOS Connect? Moseley Electronics is an authorized SONOS Dealer and our technicians can deliver and install your SONOS for you! Call us today at (804)379-1348 to schedule an appointment and get your Central Virginia home ready for some spectacular tunes!