What to Look for in Home Theater Seating

Seating is a big part of any home theater room. With so much focus on sight and sound, it’s easy to forget the importance of comfort! We have covered the best SONY projectors for your room and the best speakers for sound, but now we need to address home theater seating.

If you aren’t comfortable, how are you going to enjoy that fantastic new home theater setup? When watching a two-hour movie, you want to be comfortable. Investing in high quality and durable seating is a must! A home theater room is a huge investment and you don’t want to skimp on seating. You wouldn’t put your old ratty towels in your guest bathroom. So why consider putting a bean bag or Grandpa’s old plaid recliner in your viewing area?

Invest in high-quality seating today, and enjoying the benefits for years to come. Keep in mind that the cost of home theater seating should account for about 15% of your total home theater budget.

Home Theater Seating Considerations: 

Seat Comfort

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If your seating isn’t comfortable, what’s the point? Test it out and see how it feels. Not every chair is created equal. You want it to be just as comfortable after 3 hours as it is when you first sit in it. A comfortable headrest will keep your neck from getting stiff when you recline the chair, and you won’t have to tilt your head up to view the screen.

Seat Durability

Most cinema seating is thoroughly tested and can hold up to the best of use. However, check the manufacturer’s warranty to make sure you get the most from your investment in the daily wear and tear your seats will experience. Companies like the American based Elite Home Theater Seating have some of the best warranties in the industry.

Easy Cleaning

Most theater seating is manufactured in high-quality leather which makes for easy cleaning. If something gets spilled, simply wipe it off with a cloth and treat the leather periodically as needed.

Seat Accessories

A footrest and cup holder is a must for theater seating. No one wants to fumble for their drink in the dark, and a reclining chair makes your level of comfort all the more enjoyable. Some chairs also have lighting underneath of them to help to better navigate yourself in a dimly lit room.

Distance from Walls and Screen

Place your seating far enough from the back wall so you have room to recline your chair if necessary. Also, it is important to place your first row of seating far enough back from the screen so you don’t feel like you are looking up into the action. As a general rule, you want to keep a distance of at least four feet between the viewer’s head and the side walls, as well as the back wall. The same distance should also be maintained between the viewer and the surround speakers since you don’t want to feel the bass vibrating in your chest the entire movie.

Get the Best Home Theater Seating in Richmond!

When planning your Home Theater room, make sure you plan for all aspects of total enjoyment. From screens to projectors, speakers and seating, you want to make sure you set a home theater budget that includes all of these important features. If you have questions regarding home theater seating, give us a call at (804)379-1348 or visit our Showroom at 14320 Justice Road in Midlothian, Virginia to experience plush home theater seating first-hand. Our experts will be happy to match you to your perfect fit!