We are a Monitor Audio Dealer!

Introducing Monitor Audio! Moseley Electronics is now a Monitor Audio Dealer in the Richmond, VA market.

Similar to us, Monitor Audio has been in business for over 40 years. A British owned company, Monitor Audio is a global specialist in Hi-Fi loudspeaker design. Highly regarded for their product quality and their technological abilities, they are a heavy hitter in the market. Monitor Audio designs all of their own drivers and components, and each design is made from the ground up and is perfectly integrated. Also known for their quality cabinet work, Monitor Audio continues to improve the performance and aesthetics of all of their models.

Expert listeners around the world will testify of the excellent sound quality and the incredible delivery of these sonic superlatives.  By consistently refining and applying their technologies, Monitor Audio has become the world’s foremost expert in developing metal dome drivers. Metal is not the easiest material to shape, which is why many competitors choose paper or plastic. However, by using metal, the amazing properties provide more life-like sound reproduction when treated correctly. Whether installing Monitor Audio in your theater room or in different rooms of your home, you will certainly enjoy the crisp, vibrant sounds and sleek lines of these speakers.

Monitor Audio Speaker Types

Whether you are looking for freestanding or custom-installed speakers, Monitor Audio has you covered! Depending on your needs and budget, Monitor Audio has 8 different lines of speakers available. Moseley Electronics can custom install your Monitor Audio speakers in-ceiling, in-wall, on-wall and provide you with custom subwoofers, amplifiers and weather-resistant speakers for your outside listening enjoyment!

Why Choose Monitor Audio Speakers?

The ever-evolving product portfolio of Monitor Audio continues to demonstrate the power of a high quality, high-performance loudspeaker brand that serves every application, taste, and budget – and every possible desire! These reasons, along with their generous 5-year warranty, is why we have chosen to become a Monitor Audio dealer.

Hear the Difference of Custom Installed Home Speakers

Discover the great sound of Monitor Audio! You’ll be surprised by the performance, affordability, and the number of options and features this line carries. Have questions about how to experience Monitor Audio? Schedule an appointment online or call us at (804)379-1348 and we will be happy to help you experience the best in home sound solutions!