Keep Things at Your Fingertips with Tile

Did you receive a favorite gift this Christmas? We have a stocking stuffer this year that is not only useful but quite cool and affordable! While we LOVE fun gadgets, it’s even better when they have a practical function that makes our life easier to manage. Tile is a nifty little device we have taken notice of and wanted to share with you.

You can attach your small Tile device to your keys, backpack, purse, child, car or anything that you don’t want to lose.

Once you have attached your Tile fob to your keys, download the App on your smartphone and it will send a signal to your Tile to find its location. If your keys become lost, simply log onto your Tile App and indicate they are lost and it will send a signal to your Tile which makes an alert sound so that you can find them. It also works in the reverse way…meaning if you have your keys with your Tile attached and can’t find your phone, simply push the button on your Tile device and it will make your phone sound off so that you can find it.

Finding What Matters

The Tile works on Bluetooth technology and can find lost objects with 100 feet of the Bluetooth range (some models up to 200 feet). If you are unable to find your lost item because it is too far away, simply mark your item as lost. The cloud will store this information and share it with a network of people who have the Tile App. Once your item is found you will receive a notification of where they are so that you can retrieve your lost item. People can also message you if they locate your missing item. See how an owner used his Tile to keep track of his dog.

The App updates the location of each Tile device it detects. With more than 10 million Tiles sold and over 2 million items located every day, the Tile network is the largest, fastest and most powerful lost and found community in the world. It’s nice to know that people are working together to help each other find valuable, lost items.

Choose Your Tile

There are several different choices for your Tile type, whether it’s matte, slim, stylish or sporty; there is a Tile that will suit your lifestyle. The Tile is extremely affordable, especially when purchased in a multi-pack so every family member can benefit from having one attached to their prized possessions! 


*One Tile $20
*4-pack Tile $50
*8-pack Tile $100
(*Prices quoted as of print date of 1/3/18).

Small Investment for Your Prized Possessions

With life being so hectic, it’s easy to misplace things from time to time. The Tile gives you a quick and easy backup plan to spending hours searching for your lost item. For a minimal investment, you can have the assurance of knowing your most prized possessions will always be within your reach.

At Your Fingertips

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