SONY TV Specials

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Richmonders and all Americans are getting ready for two of the biggest sporting events: Super Bowl LII and the 2018 Winter Olympics.  What better time to buy a new state-of-the-art television? Now is the best time to upgrade to a bigger, better TV that has all the features you want, while saving money! As an authorized SONY direct dealer, we can provide Richmonders with SONY’s best pricing on these top quality TV’s. We not only warranty all SONY TV’s purchased from us, but we warranty our labor as well!

In recent years, televisions have drastically improved their features and the quality of their product. Fortunately, for the consumer, prices have also come way down. Check out the awesome savings in the SONY television specials we’re running for a limited time.

Our Big SONY TV Promotion:

Model:                            Type:                                                                 Price:               Savings:            Price Good Until:
XBR65Z9D              65″ Z-Series                                                           $3,499.99                                       (no current end date)
XBR65A1E               65″ OLED                                                               $3,499.99                                       (no current end date)
XBR55A1E               55″ OLED                                                                $2,499.99           $300                         2/3/18
XBR65X930E         65″ 4K Ultra HD with HDR (Smart TV)           $1,999.99            $1,000                      2/3/18
XBR75X900E         75″ 4K Ultra HD with HDR (Smart TV)           $2,499.99            $1,000                      1/27/18
XBR65X900E         65″ 4K Ultra HD with HDR (Smart TV)           $1,499.99            $500                        2/3/18
XBR55X900E         55″ 4K Ultra HD with HDR (Smart TV)           $999.99              $300                         2/3/18
XBR49X900E         49″ 4K Ultra HD with HDR (Smart TV)           $899.99               $100                        2/3/18
XBR43X800E         43″ 4K Ultra HD with HDR (Smart TV)           $599.99               $50                           1/27/18

Sony TV Specials in Richmond, VA!

Make sure you don’t miss any of the exciting action! Whether supporting your favorite NFL team, watching for the best commercials, or pulling for the USA to win the gold, you’ll want to be a part of the action using a new SONY TV! Take advantage of these pricing specials, and let us deliver and install your new wall art today. Contact a Moseley Electronics expert today at +1 (804) 379-1348 or contact us online to see which television option best suits your needs.