RadioRA2 Select Now Has OvrC Capabilities

Smartphone Controls Smart Home TechnologyIf controlling your lights with your fingertips wasn’t already cool enough, Lutron’s RadioRA2 Select and Snap AV‘s OvrC have paired up to take it one step further!

In a bold move, Lutron is the first and only company to embed SnapAV’s OvrC network monitoring technology within its own home controller. In case you still aren’t impressed, check out this video at which explains how these two work together.

What exactly is OvrC?

OvrC is a remote network monitoring and management solution that allows dealers to troubleshoot their clients’ systems from anywhere, and fix many issues before the customer evens knows about them.

OvrC is a cloud-based platform used for custom integrators, enabling them to remotely manage, configure and troubleshoot devices on the network. This will provide faster technical customer support for your clients and allow businesses to save money by not having to roll a truck for the service call. See some of the most frequently asked questions about OvrC.

Installing and Implementing OvrC

Prior to Lutron adding OvrC to RadioRA2 Select, all interventions would have to be done over a local network, which would require a truck roll to the customer’s premises in order to access their personal apps. Cloud-based OvrC makes it possible to sign-in remotely from anywhere so the installation company can troubleshoot and fix any applications.

Depending on what a client wants to control, our experts can make it happen. If you want one button to control many things and have the ability to create different settings, we can make that happen for you without ever coming to your home! Lutron's RadioRA2 Select and Snap AV's OvrC Compatibility

Smart Home Remote Management

SnapAV has become a leader in IoT (Internet of things) software development and cloud-based services. Lutron has a reputation for having an unwavering commitment to quality. Their products work well from the start and have longevity. It makes sense that these two companies would want to work together to provide an easy to use, manageable platform for their customers.

Lutron’s RadioRA2 Select and Snap AV’s OvrC work together to:

  • Modify Programs and Settings
  • Monitor the Systems 24/7
  • Log Activity
  • Analyze Data
  • Troubleshoot 

OvrC Smartphone and Desktop

RadioRA2 Select can be programmed to control both indoor and outdoor lighting. The system works with Amazon, Apple, Google, Honeywell, Nest, Sonos and others; it can cover up to 100 wireless devices at up to 2,500 square feet.

OvrC Special Pricing

We are so excited for our customers to have this in their homes that we are running a special!

We are offering a Lutron RadioRA2 Select One Room Starter Package which includes a Main Repeater, one Switch, one Dimmer, mobile App, and installation for $549.00. (Some restrictions apply. Available for a limited time only; through 6/30/18. Many options are available, so please call for details).

Call us at (804) 379-1348 or schedule an appointment online to get complete control over your lighting needs! See how the ease of managing your home lighting can light up your life in more ways than one!