CEDIA 2018 Overview with Brian Moseley

Our Director of Technology, Brian Moseley, sat down with us to highlight some of his top picks that he saw in San Diego at CEDIA 2018.

Q: Tell us about some of the highlights you saw at CEDIA last month. Are there certain products we need to be watching for?

A: Yes, there are always new products unveiled at CEDIA that are on the horizon for customers and dealers like us. We are fortunate that we are able to get a sneak peak before these products hit the market.

Q: Anything new with Universal Remote Control?

A: URC’s new processors were cool, and their new larger format controllers look really nice as well. We are already using these in house at Moseley Electronics, and for our customers.

Q: How about SunBrite outdoor televisions? This is a big market for us in both residential and commercial settings.

A: SunBrite has packed the enhancements in their Veranda Series line. Now offering better image quality, expanded control and audio options; along with a new, sleeker design. Upgrades also include full HDR support, a significantly brighter screen, IP control and plug-and-play compatibility for SunBrite outdoor soundbars. This line of weatherproof televisions comes with a premium direct-lit 4K UHD screen and is designed for permanent outdoor installation in full-shade areas. We continue to install a lot of SunBrite televisions all over RVA!

Q: Did you see anything there that really peaked your interest? 

A:What really stole the show for me was SONY. Everything that SONY had at CEDIA looked AMAZING! The Master Series F and OLED looked incredible. We have both the Master Series TV, OLED and Z9F are coming to our Showroom within the next couple of weeks, so add them to your Christmas list! These are the best looking TV’s I’ve ever seen, and I invite you to come by and check see for yourself.

Q: Did you see anything new on the Video side of things at the Show?

A: I saw 8K Video technology and it looks nice; but it’s a bit early to start thinking about 8K. This is something we are keeping an eye on for the future.

Q: Any other products you want to talk about that caught your attention at CEDIA 2018?

A: Yes! These were just a few highlights, but look for our “Best of CEDIA 2018” Blog coming soon! This article will have a full rundown on everything that I saw worth mentioning next week!