Take Your Wi-Fi Outdoors

Want to enjoy outside activities without having to worry about using up too much data? Moseley Electronics can install an all-weather outdoor Wi-Fi booster on your property. We have many clients who need to have Wi-Fi accessibility at their pool, detached garage or boat dock. This can be achieved by simply beaming a signal to the area needing the Wi-Fi coverage; without having to run wires. If you want to take your laptop outside to work, listen to music, or watch the latest episode of “Stranger Things”, you can! 

Easy to Manage

Manage your Wi-Fi for your smartphone, laptop, music and more! Have a lot of work you need to do, but the kids want to play outside? Now you can accomplish both! 


Installation of an all-weather outdoor Wi-Fi booster will provide you with proper coverage in your outside areas for your family and your guests. Our technicians will install this device in a place in your yard to allow for the most coverage with little interference.

How It Works

Outdoor Wi-Fi Boosters work by extending the Wi-Fi signal from your router to the area you wish to be covered. These Wi-Fi boosters are designed for broad outdoor coverage and have a range of about 2,500 square feet.

Want to Know More?

Contact Moseley Electronics at (804) 379-1348 or schedule an appointment online to discuss the best options to extend your Wi-Fi outdoors.