How to “Cut the Cord” on Cable

We receive a lot of questions from customers on the best way to “cut the cord” from cable tv. When subscribing to cable or satellite services, there are more channels available than any human can ever watch. By calculating the number of channels we actually watch verses all the ones we pay for, it’s apparent we are paying way too much for this service! If you are considering how to get rid of cable tv, we can help.

Invest in HD Antenna

The best way to “cut the cord” is to install a TV antenna, which allows you to pick up your local stations, and then add a “TiVo EDGE for Antenna” so you can receive your favorite TV shows, movies and more! 

The antenna is usually mounted in the attic and the cable is run down through the walls to the wiring panel which connects to the splitter, feeding all of the cable TV outlets in the house. You can put a TV in any room, plug it into the cable outlet, and get a signal from the antenna. Sometimes adjustments need to be made once you know where your closest transmitters are and where to aim your antenna. The antenna will provide your local stations to your home.

Add a TiVo Edge for Antenna

After having your TV antenna installed, add a TiVo Edge for Antenna, which will allow you to access your favorite shows and movies to your watch list! There is a one time investment for the antenna and the TiVo, but there is no outrageous monthly costs for the channels you receive. The only monthly fee you will incur is if you choose to subscribe to Hulu, Netflix or similar services. It allows you to watch different channels and even DVR your favorites so you won’t miss an episode! 

TiVo Edge for Antenna:

  • Helps to save hundreds of dollars versus a cable subscription. 
  • Has voice control remote: Say what you want and get it. 
  • Take it with you. For example, take Outlander on the airplane. Watch The Good Place, anyplace. Your favorite shows, wherever you go. With the App you can watch your favorites anywhere, anytime!
  • Over-the-air TV. Your favorite streamers. A powerful multi-room DVR. One single device. Record up to 300 HD hours and four shows at once with 2 TB of storage and 4 tuners.
  • Stream what you want at anytime without having to worry about forgetting to record a favorite program.
  • Compatible with Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, Live Video, YouTube and so much more! 

Smart TV

Most SmartTV’s are compatible with streaming services these days, so no additional hardware is needed. However, if you have an older television, you might need to check the compatibility. We offer great deals on SONY televisions, so check with us if you are in need of an upgrade. 

Don’t Forget!

Don’t forget when canceling your cable, you will still need high speed internet in your home. We have router options available, depending on your needs. Purchasing a higher-speed router would result in a monthly savings from renting the equipment, and you would just need to pay the provider for service only. This also results in a savings for you.

Make the Move!

Ask us how you can “Cut the Cord” and start saving money without missing any of your favorite shows. We have packages available starting at $775.00 (cost of TV antenna, TiVo EDGE for Antenna and installation of one box). Call us at (804) 379-1348 at or schedule your appointment online today!