New President of Moseley Electronics Named

MIDLOTHIAN, February 10, 2020 — Bruce Moseley, founder of Moseley Electronics since 1976, has recently stepped down from his role as President of the company. He has appointed Sara Moseley, former Vice President of Administration, to President of Moseley Electronics.

Bruce, after many years in the technology business, I’m sure you have seen many changes. When I founded this business in 1976, we were primarily installing TV antennas on houses for our customers, since these were the pre-cable years. We also installed security systems and monitored them for our customers. Our business evolved and we took on other product lines such as intercoms and central vacuums. In 1991, we purchased and built our own building due to the expansion of the company. In 1996, we sold the security division of the company, started specializing in Audio/Video systems and networking, and began working with some of the top homebuilders in Central Virginia. Moseley Electronics has continued to upgrade our product lines for both the residential and commercial markets. Much of our commercial work is done in office buildings, medical facilities, restaurants and houses of worship.”

Tell me what Moseley Electronics does and what products and services you provide for central Virginia. We are an expert in our industry and specialize in Audio/Video for both residential and commercial markets. We are a direct dealer with many manufacturers. We handle TV installations, central vacuums, home theaters, total home integration, lighting control, surveillance, smart home control, networking and wi-fi, and structured cabling.”

What are some of the biggest changes you have encountered over the 44 years? One big challenge in our industry is selecting the products that are not only cutting-edge, but they also need to pass our reliability tests. We ask questions like, “Will the product be easy to operate and reliable?” “Will it work well with other products we offer?” We keep up with technology and it changes daily. Everyone is pushing the “newest” product on the market, but we feel it is our responsibility to educate ourselves so that we can stay ahead of the obstacles that technology can bring. We are the experts in this field and spend a lot of time and effort researching these products. If we don’t think it’s good enough for our homes, we won’t put in yours. When our customers buy from us, they are not only buying the product, but gaining the integrity of our team’s 44+ years of experience.” 

Sara, I know you have been working at Moseley Electronics for a couple of decades. Can you give us some of your background in the company? I began with the company in 1992 as a part-time Administrative Assistant while I was still in high school. This is where I was first exposed to Accounting, which piqued my interest and led me to attend VCU for Small Business Administration. I have worked in all aspects of the industry which includes: Central Station, installations, warehouse inventory, sales, and accounting. I eventually worked my way up to partner in the company and Vice President of Administration.”

Sara, can you touch on Moseley Electronics doing both Residential and Commercial work? Are there any big obstacles to overcome today in this industry? Commercially, I cannot stress enough the importance of technology in the workplace. Today there are Meeting rooms, work from home offices and teleconferencing. Residentially, we are dealing with people buying from Amazon, big box stores, and those trying to DIY it. While this might seem like a great idea, technology has evolved tremendously, and it takes a lot of knowledge to integrate your devices. Therefore, if you do not have the correct wiring or integration capabilities, your electronics will not work properly. We run a lot of calls to people who tried to save money by going the DIY route, but wind up having to hire a professional to undo the mess they created.”

As a small, locally owned business, what sets you apart from the big box stores? As a small, locally owned business, we pride ourselves in the fact that we cater to our individual customers and their needs. We are not a big box store and we don’t have the “one size fits all” mentality. As our customer, you will never get lost in a sea of endless products. Moseley Electronics takes the time to listen to each client’s needs and customize a solution that is going to work best for them. Moseley Electronics has been a face in this community for over four decades. We are involved in various community projects, support our local teams and churches, and have been a proud sponsor and contributor of the St. Jude Home. When dealing with Moseley Electronics you won’t have to call an 800-number and be put on hold for minutes at a time. We are available via phone or in person to help our clients and make sure they are comfortable and knowledgeable about operating the systems we install and integrate into their homes and places of business.”

44 years is a long time for any company to be in business, much less a smaller, local business. What do you attribute your success to? We have built a great team over the years. We are true to our word, treat our customers right, show up on time and are industry experts with our continued training and education. We value our customer’s loyalty, enjoy working with RVA’s top Builders, and are thankful for the commitment and dedication of our long-term employees. Most importantly, we LOVE what we do! This isn’t just a job for us, this is a passion.”

Sara, what is your vision for the future of Moseley Electronics, and where do you see it going? I see Moseley Electronics enriching the lives of our customers by keeping them connected to the people and things that matter most. We are able to take the vision of our clients and develop the best plan to make it happen. We are in the business of making people’s dreams a reality and nothing could be more rewarding.”


About Moseley Electronics

Moseley Electronics, since 1976, is a locally-owned and operated full-service electronics system company. As Class A contractors and members of the Better Business Bureau, the National Veterans Owned Business Association (NAVOBA), Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce, and Azione; Moseley Electronics is a trusted partner specializing in the design, service, and installation of integrated custom technology solutions for residential customers, commercial clients and contractors. For more information, visit