Why Use a Professional instead of trying to DIY?

We are a generation of DIYers who troll the internet to score the least expensive electronic, have it delivered to our door as soon as possible, then YouTube how to install it ourselves. This current generation has grown up with technology in their hands and is used to having everything easily accessible, resulting in immediate gratification. 

However, things always come at a cost. While you think you might be going about it the easy way, chances are you will run into an issue that you won’t be able to handle. Electronics are more sophisticated today, with a lot more features, such as voice control and integration with other electronics. 

Why Hire a Professional?

Most homes built prior to the mid-1990’s were not properly wired for today’s intense use of technology. Houses built prior to 2001 may need CAT6 wires in order to handle today’s integrated technology. 

Gone are the days of buying a television at the store and simply coming home and plugging it in. Today, there are many more features and programming that needs to be done. Remotes can control much more than just one device. Smart appliances and electronics can be integrated to talk to each other. The correct wiring is crucial in order for this technology to work properly and the correct programming is essential. 

While electricians wire houses with high voltage wires, a different wire is needed to control and integrate all of today’s electronics. This is where Audio/Video Specialists, like Moseley Electronics, can help. We have been serving the central Virginia area since 1976. Our business and technicians have kept up with the industry changes, so our customers can be properly equipped. 

Why Do You Need Us in Addition to an Electrician?

Electricians are not focused on today’s demand for Audio/Video, but Moseley Electronics is! We provide integrated solutions ranging from central vacuum systems, to whole-house Wi-Fi networks, television installations, lighting control, HVAC control, entertainment and custom audio solutions, and media room design and installation. We specialize in total integration solutions where all of the equipment resides in a centralized location and can be controlled from a customer’s smart phone, tablet or remote.

What They Don’t Tell You

While it might seem appealing to try and do-it- yourself when installing electronics, keep in mind that once problems arise, and you realize you are in over your head, the damage is already done. We receive many calls from people who encounter problems with the installation of their electronics. When trying to install a television on the wall by yourself, you can damage your new, expensive television and the sheetrock on your wall; both of which are expensive fixes. Our technicians will install and properly program your device and include a labor warranty along with their installation. Save yourself the time, frustration and money, and let the professionals handle the installation and programming of your equipment so you can spend your valuable time doing the things you enjoy.  

Support Local

Our customers don’t have to call an 800-number to reach a phone bank. You will know our employees and deal with them face-to-face. We take the time after installation to make sure our customers know how to work the system and are comfortable with operating it. As a locally owned and operated business, we support local schools, sports teams and churches. We love giving back to our community and neighbors, and do so whenever possible. 

We Are a “One Stop Shop”

SONY televisions and HDMI cables, among other products, are available for counter sales if needed. We are a certified dealer for SONY,  Monitor Audio, Ring video doorbell, SONOS, Coastal Source, central vacuum, amps, speakers, projectors and lighting, as well as many other products. If you want to take on a DIY project, then come to us for the proper professional grade products. 

Have a question? Contact us at (804) 379-1348 or schedule an appointment online to see if we can help you get the product in your home that you need. Moseley Electronics is here to serve you!