Planned Family Activities During Quarantine

We all are struggling with staying inside since our home has become our office, school, entertainment and 24-hour restaurant. Many families are spending more time together now than ever before, and that can be stressful at times.

Bucket List

Running out of ideas to keep the peace? Many families are creating a “bucket list” where each family member writes down ideas of things they would like to do, or places they would like to visit during and after the pandemic and puts them in a container. Once a week (or more) the family chooses from the suggestion box. It could be as easy as movie suggestions for movie nights, or visiting the local drive-in theater with blankets and pillows in tow for a great family outing. Of course, there is always the practical suggestions like sprucing up the backyard and putting a new coat of colored paint on the walls; but whatever the task, try and make it fun! 

Document These Times

Although these may be difficult times, they are also historical times. Get your family involved in documenting their life during the social distancing phase by taking pictures, making a video diary, or have your kids journal about how their life is different now, so you can read it from their perspective.

It’s important to make the best of these trying times and try to create some fun family memories. 

Entertainment activities:

    • Play board games
    • Finish a 1000 piece puzzle in a week
    • Host a family dance off party (Turn up your SONOS and bust a move!)
    • Family Movie Night – inside or outside using a sheet and small projector 
    • Karaoke Night – Host a family “sing off”
    • Picnic – Have an indoor or outdoor picnic by supporting your favorite local restaurants and order take out 
    • Visit the Metro Zoo for a “drive thru” zoo experience!
    • Spa Day – foot soaking, lotion, nail polish, hand massages, back rubs (this is for the adults obviously)
    • Be a Helper – Help an elderly neighbor with yard work or offer to do their grocery shopping.

We Are Here to Help

Whatever you find yourself doing, try to make it fun! These are trying times for us all and we are here to help in any way we can. If you are struggling with Wi-Fi issues, need a cell booster, SONOS installed, Ring Pro doorbell or any other integration problem, we can help! Let Moseley Electronics help ease the stress so you can focus on your family. Call us today at (804) 379-1348 or make an appointment online today.