Stay Home Whenever Possible

As we continue into the third full month of “social distancing,” we continue to be advised to “stay home when possible.” For some people this seems easy, and for others the need to go out and do for themselves is overwhelming. Many people have the ability to work from home, which helps tremendously on decreasing crowds in various places.

Shop From Home

Some of our daily tasks, like going to the grocery store, can be done from home. Many grocery stores have an online shopping service available and will even deliver to your house. Tired of cooking and want to support your favorite local restaurant? Services like DoorDash and GrubHub will deliver food ordered from various local restaurants to your home as well.

Know Who’s At Your Door

While getting deliveries to your home, you can keep an eye out on your property with a Ring Pro Video Doorbell. Know when you get deliveries from Amazon, UPS or DoorDash. With the Ring Pro you will get notifications sent to you each time someone gets within range of the set perimeters.

Wi-Fi Up to Speed

Working from home, virtual meetings and distance learning has greatly increased the demands on computer networks. To support our clients during this unprecedented time, we are offering 10% OFF all networking equipment until further notice. laptop_wifiThis includes routers, switches and access points. We design, program, and install professional grade networking gear, along with remote monitoring, to keep an eye on system health and remotely troubleshoot any issues. If your network needs a tune up, give us a call to see how we can help! See if we can help solve your slow internet speed and connectivity issues. With everyone at home fighting for bandwidth space, it can be hard to complete your tasks in a timely manner.  

On-Line Services

We are helping RVA’s churches and places of worship with the ability to conduct worship services online to reach their congregation. If your organization needs help with online streaming, contact us at to help you get up and running. 

We are Here to Help!

As a valued member of our community, we are always here to help. Let us know how we can help your “Staying Safe at Home” an easier, more manageable transition. Call us at (804) 379-1348 or make an appointment online today!