Modern Office Technology Trends – 2020

Despite the rise in working-from-home or WFH, offices and office conference rooms will have a role in modern business for the foreseeable future. There are at least three factors at work.

First, not every job can be done from home. Even when WFH is possible, businesses lose the creativity and innovation that results from putting people in the same space.

Secondly, would you rather meet clients in your spare bedroom or around an elegant table in an impressive conference room? No matter how stylish your home office, there’s no substitute for a formal meeting environment.

And third, where are you going to deliver important news and training? While some of this can be done on-line, that lacks the immediacy and intimacy of meeting face-to-face.

Yes, offices and conference rooms will always be needed, but that doesn’t mean that what worked in the past will be effective in the future. How we use our offices is changing, and office technology is changing, too. Here’s a look at some of the trends to watch.

Commercial Displays

Update your office by installing a big screen television in your conference room. As a certified SONY Diamond Dealer, the commercial displays from SONY Pro come with a 3 year warranty.

Large flat screen TV’s can be used as regular televisions, or to show your video presentation during your meeting. Simply connect your laptop to the TV and everyone will be able to see the information. With so many employees working remotely these days, televisions are a great way to have everyone together for a Zoom meeting or other collaborative event. 

Gone are the days of photocopying and handing out paper documents! Even make your presentation an interactive one! There’s nothing better than brainstorming during a meeting and letting everyone see the results immediately on the big screen. Make changes as ideas are discussed, and get everyone’s input without having to circulate endless office memos and emails. 

We stock a full line of LED flat panel TV’s and can recommend the best size for your conference room. Update your conference room with a large flat panel television and start living by the motto “Work Smarter, Not Harder.”

Conference Room Technology

Is your conference room in need of an update? Many products are available for improving collaboration and working more efficiently. Here are a few suggestions regarding products your workplace might be missing.


A touch-screen has media playback, and interactive touch in the LCD display. It lets you make changes, highlight information, and be interactive during your meeting.

IDEA Screen

The IDEA screen features an erasable surface, magnetic screen, and a thin frame. Incredibly versatile, it can be used with a short throw projector as an interactive screen, or as a whiteboard with dry-erase markers.

Whiteboard Capture Device

You’ve brainstormed ideas and diagramed solutions but how do you get them from whiteboard to your laptop? That’s the role of a whiteboard capture device. Essentially a smart camera, it is able to digitize your notes for storage, and add into documents. 


A multimedia projector accommodates almost any lighting condition in the home and office and is a good solution for showing presentations, spreadsheets, or video clips in larger conference rooms. A network-capable projector avoids the need to share the cable between presenters. Better, yet, invest in USB devices with click-to-share functionality and pass them out among attendees.

Automated Blinds

These are especially useful when you have confidential topics to discuss or when you want to dim the room to view your flat panel TV. It’s even possible to install glass walls that go from visible to opaque at the touch of a button!

Touch Panel Room Control System

Going a step further than the automated blinds, how about controlling everything from one device? Audio, video, projection, temperature, lighting, screens, blinds, security, and communication all can be operated from one central location. Our experts can help program this device for one-button control of all the functions you need.

Presentation-Quality Audio System

In larger conference rooms it’s often hard for attendees at the back to hear everything. Address this by installing a high-quality audio system so that everyone gets the message loud and clear.

Upgrading office technology can seem like a costly expense, but that’s the wrong way to look at it. Instead, consider it as an investment that will yield higher productivity and increased creativity. Your meetings and group collaborations will be more effective, helping you to grow your business. A small investment today can mean a huge return tomorrow!

Upgraded Video Conferencing Capabilities

Budgets are tight and people don’t want to spend time and money traveling. Video conferencing is on the rise; but as people get more comfortable with “meeting” this way, a simple webcam and distorted audio aren’t going to create the right impression.

Upgrade your conference room with a quality camera and audio system, plus lighting, that doesn’t leave speakers with shiny faces. Imagine delivering impressive sales presentations or training classes to colleagues and clients from around the country without going near a plane or airport! You’ll save time and money and look more professional while doing it.

Put Modern Office Technology To Work

Working from home has it’s advantages but businesses still need offices and conference rooms where ideas are exchanged and work is done. There’s a lot of new and emerging office technology that can increase productivity and support the growing use of video. Let Moseley Electronics share with you what’s new in office technology

Ready to see how you can make your business more efficient? Our media specialists will explain what’s available and what will work best for you. 

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