Introducing Séura!

Where luxury and entertainment meet! American-made Séura has a line of indoor and outdoor televisions, lighted mirrors, vanity mirrors and TV mirrors for personal homes and businesses. 

Outdoor Televisions

With screens as large as 86″ and soundbars that perfectly match the width of every model, Séura’s full line of sleek Outdoor TV’s were designed to fit seamlessly in your outdoor space.

From extreme temperatures to rain, snow, and dust, Séura Outdoor TV’s are engineered to endure anything Mother Nature throws their way – something an indoor TV just can’t do. Their televisions are designed to thrive outside all year round in temperatures ranging from Arizona’s summer heat to Wisconsin’s freezing winters. In fact, their televisions are able to safely withstand temperatures from -24 F to 122 F. With screens that are three times brighter than indoor TV’s, Séura Outdoor TV’s cast a picture you can actually see in bright sunlight. 

Lighted Mirrors

Séura has a line of four different vanity mirrors available. Séura’s lighted mirrors create the best environment for makeup application, shaving, or that last check before you go out into the world. The mirror lines are available for both residential and commercial use. 

Vanity TV Mirrors

Seamlessly incorporate video into bathrooms, dressing rooms and spas without ever having to see the TV. Vanishing glass is designed to provide excellent mirror reflectivity, while making it possible for a television to completely disappear when turned off. Need to watch the morning’s top stories, and get updates about weather and traffic? Séura makes multitasking easy so you can concentrate on getting ready while also being in the know. 

TV Mirrors

TV Mirrors are made using vanishing glass and are designed to provide excellent mirror reflectivity while making it possible for a television to completely disappear when turned off.  You can customize your mirror design up to a size of 94″x70″ and complete your look with one of Séura’s stylish frames! 

Choose the Best!

Whether you are in the market for an outdoor television, a vanishing mirror television for your formal room, or a lighted vanity mirror, Séura has you covered! Contact us today to find out more about Séura at (804) 379-1348 or make an appointment online today.