Home Theater Upgrades: Automation and Integration

Are you loving your home theater so much that you want to heighten to the next level? There are two main ways to elevate what you already have: automation and integration. 

You might be wondering, what does that mean exactly? To put it in easy terms, automation makes your home theater system work for you through just one device. So instead of having three or more remotes to control different aspects of your home theater, you would have only one game-changing device that does all the work. 

Pick whichever tech device you love the most—a tablet or a smartphone—to centralize control over all the different elements of your home theater environment. 

Let’s say your family is planning to watch the Richmond Spiders compete in the NCAA basketball tournament, but you can’t find one of the remotes. Frantically, you rummage through seat cushions but…you end up missing the tip-off. No more of that with home theater automation because it integrates all of your electronics into one controller. 


This might sound too good to be true, but there is a possible way to automate every aspect of your home theater experience such as:

  • Screen and projector movement
  • Lighting
  • Blinds/shades
  • Remote control integration
  • Home theater integration


A large white screen isn’t always the most attractive feature to have in a room, especially if the room serves multiple functions. So you might choose to have a retractable screen that drops at the touch of a button. 

The same goes for the projector. Sure, it could be permanently suspended from the ceiling, but why not have it hidden behind a panel, only lowering into position when you’re ready to watch that Top 10 movie on Netflix? 


When you go to the movies, the theater gets really dark right before the film starts; and the reason is so that you can enjoy the vibrant picture colors and special effects more. It also helps you zero in and block out distractions.

A basic home theater automation setup gives you the same effect with just one button that dims the lighting down so you can focus on the big screen. Need to pause the movie to get more popcorn? One tap brings the lights back up so you can safely find your way to the kitchen.


The best place for your home theater is a windowless room, but that’s not always possible. Sometimes, even with home theater planning, you have no choice but to use a room with windows. When this is the case, wouldn’t it be easier to have the blinds lower automatically rather than doing it by hand? Home theater automation can include this kind of capability.


In many households, trying to find the right remote causes as much grief as picking a movie that the whole family can agree on. Wouldn’t it make sense to have every function managed by a single device? A fully-automated home theater system can provide just that.


Technology has driven many homeowners to convert to smart home capabilities. From garage door openers to security and heating systems; a growing number of home functions are being automated. There is a risk though that different systems might not interact well with each other. Frustration sets in when you expect the movie to pause when the doorbell rings…but it doesn’t. 

In the ideal setup, everything is integrated. Hit “play” on the device and the temperature drops a couple of degrees because you like a cooler room when you watch a show, the overhead lights dim and the aisle lights come on. That would be pretty cool, right? Take a step up to home theater integration and that’s what you’ll get. 


If you’re a sports person, you’ve probably watched a big game at a sports bar in Richmond’s Fan District. But would you really want to trek there and deal with parking every time you wanted to watch a football or baseball game? If you had a professionally installed home theater system where you can watch the games from the comfort of your own home.

A home theater can be a great investment. But to get the most from it, adding that extra “wow” factor with home theater automation can elevate your viewing experience. You control the entire atmosphere from a single device—and if you want to go the extra mile—you can integrate it with your other household automation systems for full circle connectivity in your home.

As you would expect, this kind of automation and integration takes technical expertise , and that’s where we come in. As specialists in home theater installations, we can help determine what type of upgrade is best for you, then make it happen within your timeframe and budget. Click below if you’re interested in learning how your home cinema could benefit from an automation and integration upgrade.

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