Snag My SONY!

As a SONY Diamond Dealer, we have all the SALES happening now!
Now is the best time to upgrade your television for optimal viewing pleasure. SONY has deep discounts right now on many of their OLED and LED models. What better way to enjoy all the Holiday movies and be ready for the upcoming Super Bowl?
Moseley Electronics can order, deliver and install your television; which is even better than Santa himself! We have in stock models…and they are going FAST! *Contact us today for the best deals and availability.
Type                        Model                             Size                            Price
QD-OLED             XR55A95K                       55″                       $2,499.99
QD-OLED             XR65A95K                       65″                       $2,999.99
OLED                    XR55A80K                       55″                        $1,299.99
OLED                    XR65A80K                       65″                        $1,699.99
OLED                    XR77A80K                        77″                        $2,699.99
LED                       XR55X90K                       55″                        $  899.99
LED                       XR65X90K                       65″                        $  999.99
LED                       XR75X90K                       75″                        $1,499.99
LED                       XR85X90K                       85″                        $1,999.99
MINI LED              XR65X95K                       65″                        $1,999.99
MINI LED              XR75X95K                       75″                        $2,999.99
MINI LED              XR85X95K                       85″                       $3,999.99
*Prices for a limited time only. Call for details (804)379-1348. Pricing ends 12/31/22 unless otherwise stated.
Huge savings on QD-OLED, OLED, LED and Mini LED models for a limited time. Grab yours today while these deep discounts are still available!