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From a security aspect, Moseley Electronics has our roots in the security and surveillance industry. Since 1976, we have been helping customers monitor their homes and businesses, so we understand the importance of protecting your greatest assets and having peace of mind. It just makes sense that you would want to protect your property and employees that you have invested so much in. Think of a good surveillance system as an investment in what is yours and what you are trying to protect. The question isn’t “Can I afford it?” but rather “Can you afford NOT to make this investment?”

Most businesses and entertainment establishments have the need for surveillance cameras. The reason is obvious: It is important to make sure your property is sufficiently protected and monitored. From entry doors to lobbies, meeting areas, cafeterias and high traffic areas, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. We install top of the line cameras and their features include: high resolution, 4K content, easy App control, monitoring and network integration. Each camera can be viewed via an App on your smartphone and each camera has record and playback capabilities for your review, if there is a need. If you require 24-hour monitoring, you have the option of hiring a company to monitor your system for you. Otherwise, you will have the ability to pull up activity within the App associated with your cameras for review as needed. 

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Services We Provide 

Moseley Electronics provides the following surveillance services:

  • Consultation
  • Installation and Setup
  • Remote Maintenance (where available)
  • Routine Maintenance Package – Can be purchased for cleaning lenses, adjusting and calibrating cameras as needed, etc. 

Commercial Surveillance Cameras

We offer a variety of surveillance cameras for your place of business. Whether you are looking for a bullet style, turret or dome camera, we can make sure your business is secured. All cameras come with night vision capabilities and can be controlled with an App. With Luma Surveillance, you can monitor your business with a touch of a button. These cameras do not store information in the cloud, but rather use your own secured network for recording, saving and reviewing footage. 

Beneficial Features:

  • 4K Capabilities
  • Wide-angle lenses
  • Nightvision
  • Weatherproof Cameras
  • App controlled
  • Playback and storage capabilities

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What Customers Say

I just wanted to let you know that your guys did a great job installing our Honeywell outdoor camera equipment. Many thanks! – Bill H.

My customers deserve the highest quality, latest technology and instant service; and Moseley Electronics has always provided the best!John M.

We had a thief on our property outside our business. We were able to use the footage from our cameras to identify and prosecute the person responsible. – Bruce M.

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Luma surveillance systems are intuitive, and the user interface is consistent across multiple platforms. The advanced playback capability allows you to pause, rewind, and jump to a live feed with just the push of a button. Luma’s easy to use App allows you to access video directly on your phone or tablet at all times.

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