SONY Televisions 

Type                                                  Model                         Price                             

8K LED Master Series 85″           XBR85Z9G              $7,999.99 (until 4/26/20)

4K OLED Master Series 77″        XBR77A9G              $5,999.99                   
4K OLED Master Series 65″        XBR65A9G              $3,499.99 
4K OLED Master Series 55″        XBR55A9G              $2,499.99

4K LED Master Series 65″           XBR65Z9F               $1,799.99 (Until 5/10/20)

X950G Series 4K HDR 85″           XBR85X950G          $3,499.99 (until 4/26/20)
X950G Series 4K HDR 65″           XBR65X950G          $1,399.99 (until 4/26/20) 
X950G Series 4K HDR 55″           XBR55X950G          $   999.99 (until 4/26/20) 

X900F Series 4K HDR 85″           XBR85X900F           $2,999.99 (until 4/26/20)
X900F Series 4K HDR 75″           XBR75X900F           $1,799.99 (until 4/26/20)
X900F Series 4K HDR 65″           XBR65X900F           $   999.99 (until 4/26/20) 
X900F Series 4K HDR 55″           XBR55X900F           $   899.99 (until 4/26/20)
X900F Series 4K HDR 49″           XBR49X900F           $   849.99 (until 5/10/20)

Smart Home Package

Everyone today wants control and convenience. Our “Smart Home Package” includes a single Brilliant light switch, Ring video doorbell with chime, and SONOS Play One SL. Pricing starting at $949.99 (includes installation).

“Cut the Cord” Package

Tired of paying for hundreds of channels you don’t even watch? It’s time to “Cut the Cord” and only pay for what you want to watch. Our “Cut the Cord” package includes a TV Antenna, TiVo Edge for Antenna and installation (for one box only) – Pricing starting at $775.00

SONOS Trade-in Special

Sonos is letting people who own its oldest SONOS products trade them in for a more modern replacement. The new program offers a 30% discount to those who want to trade their Connect, Connect:Amp, ZP80, ZP90, ZP100, ZP120, or the first-generation Play:5 for something newer. 

*Promotional pricing only good through end dates listed. (SONY TV pricing does not include installation).