Your backyard is an extension of your house. It’s where you relax and entertain, so why go indoors to watch the big game or enjoy movie night with your family? An outdoor home theater lets you cheer on your favorite sports team or watch action heroes save the world without leaving the pool, deck, or fire pit.

You have a lot of options for an outdoor home theater, but it takes careful design and planning to maximize your viewing pleasure. It’s also important to consider how the weather will impact the equipment you choose, and of course, electrical safety is paramount.

When it comes to installing an outdoor home theater, Moseley Electronics is a team of experts. Our specialists can guide you through the equipment selection process. They’ll help you understand your options, pick out the best gear for your needs, and even take care of the installation. 


No need for the bed sheet blowing in the breeze! The suggested display device is a weatherproof TV, followed by weatherproof outdoor speakers, a video source and cabling. Our outdoor televisions come with sturdy mounts that can withstand the elements. 

Two other items to consider are WiFi and lighting. Outdoor entertainment systems can require a WiFi signal, and our Wi-Fi range extender can help ensure the strongest signal. Outdoor lighting is a must; whether it is for the landscaping, entertainment areas or safety issues. Good lighting control ensures hours of fun after the sunset. 


Here’s what to think about to maximize your outdoor viewing pleasure:

  • Viewing time — Is this strictly for after dark or will you want to watch in daylight, too? Placement of your outdoor television depends on sunlight, and seating selection within your viewing range. 
  • Television location — Bright sunlight requires an extra bright display.
  • Screen/display size – A big space needs a big screen for a memorable movie experience.
  • Weather protection — Wind and rain will damage components that aren’t weatherproofed, as will the UV in sunlight. This is why all outdoor televisions, mounts and soundbars we sell are weatherproof for the elements. 
  • Audio — Séura televisions come with soundbars. For added sound around your entertainment space, we can suggest where additional speakers should be placed and how they should be integrated. 
  • Lighting — You don’t want guests stumbling around in the dark. Well-designed lighting is essential for both safety and enjoyment.


Outdoor theater systems range from the very simple to those that really make a statement.

Options include:

  • TV or Projector? — Outdoor TVs tend to be the best choice since they are outdoor rated and have anti-glare screens and can be in a fixed location. (Ultrabright TVs can be viewed even in direct sun.)
  • Audio — Some outdoor TVs have integrated soundbars but these may not be powerful enough for a big space. Additional speakers around your entertainment area can be added.
  • Electrical safety — Never have extension cords around a pool deck, or out in the elements. Professionally installed wiring is always a must.
  • Weatherproofing — If your system is going to last, every component must be manufactured specifically for outdoor use.


TV placement and mounting, speaker locations, and wiring—these are just some of the factors to consider. If you’re investing in a quality outdoor theater system to entertain friends and family you need to get these right. And as a good neighbor, you’ll also want to avoid your impressive setup inconveniencing those living nearby!


If you like to enjoy your outdoor space, make an outdoor home theater part of your lifestyle!

A Moseley Electronics home theater expert will help you understand your options and what’s possible. We’ll discuss your viewing requirements and budget and assess the space you want to use before recommending an appropriate solution.

Before you know it you’ll be entertaining, (and impressing!) from the comfort of your pool, deck, or terrace.