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Where Is the Best Location to Mount an Outdoor TV?

Entertaining should not be bound by the walls of your home. Richmonders love nature and get excited about spending time in the great outdoors; especially for parties and social gatherings. In addition to enjoying nature, people also love gathering around the television for shows, movies, and sports. Outdoor TVs Are the Solution! Watching an all-weather television…

How to Select the Best Landscape Lighting for a Richmond Yard

Watch any HGTV Show and you hear the term “curb appeal”. People want their house to look great from the street during the day and also at night time. Landscape lighting lends itself to providing a nice aesthetic to your property, and lighting is also needed for safety purposes as well. Garden lights are used…

6 of the Most Common Concerns Involving Outdoor Speakers

It’s that time of year when we start to turn our attention towards the outside. The days will soon be getting longer, and people want to spend more time outside with family and friends. One of the best ways to enjoy the sounds of spring and summer is to install outdoor speakers in your yard….