Televisions in Places of Worship

Large screen televisions in a churchChurches and places of worship are a great place to mount large, flat panel televisions.  Many churches are starting to move away from using projectors in the sanctuary.  Bright lighting, along with lightly colored walls, tend to make projection screens and images difficult to see.

Adding TV’s to a Church Sanctuary

More and more churches are mounting large screen televisions on either side of the sanctuary to show presentations and videos to the congregation.Large HD Television in a Place of Worship Many worship leaders are using large TV’s to show hymns and music lyrics to make it easier for to the congregation to follow along.

People have reported that they can see the images better on a television as opposed to a projector when it comes to big, light-filled rooms typically found in places of worship.

Other Uses for a Flat Screen TV in a Place of Worship

Churches often choose to mount televisions in the rear of the sanctuary so choir members and Clergy can see what the congregation is viewing.

In addition to the Sanctuary, other areas in the church often have a need for HD televisions such as the Narthex, classrooms and fellowship halls. What rooms need updated technology in your church or place of worship?

  • Do church classes regularly watch educational videos?Flat Screen TVs in a Church
  • Does your Youth Group host a movie night?
  • Is your Narthex in need of a mounted television to scroll announcements and upcoming events?

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