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Dedicated home theaters are the apex of home entertainment, and the quality of products and installation certainly affects the end result.

Whether you want a full-family theater experience, or a solitary man cave for football season; there are many options to choose from—but not all installers are created equal.

At Moseley Electronics, you get professional home theater design and installation for your home.

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Home Theater Components

We can also integrate existing systems into a high-tech full home media network, bringing them up to date and complete with the following:

A/V Equipment

Intuitive Central


Wireless or Wired



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Every home theater design installation is customized to fit our clients’ needs. Maybe you’re not ready to install all of the bells and whistles just yet—no problem! Each of our home theater installations is fully scalable and can be done in phases. This helps with cash flow and allows room for gradual integration or future improvements to the system.

Design Process

Since this is your home, we believe you should be involved in your home theater design. We encourage your involvement with decisions about all aspects of design, based on your budget and the physical space.

  • Video selections (large TV vs. projector and screen)
  • Audio choices (number of speakers and placement)
  • Seating (style and how many chairs)
  • Room lighting
  • Wall colors

During the home theater design and installation process, our team will always be courteous to you as the homeowner. Throughout the course of any project, we will keep to set schedules and visits, maintain neat worksites, and design each system to be simple for you to use. In addition, we will “fish” the appropriate wires behind the walls so you’ll no longer have to stare at an unsightly rat’s nest of mismatched wires while you are watching your favorite rom-com movie.

Let Moseley Electronics adapt designs to your home and recommend products that will best meet your home theater needs!

Components of Home Theater Design

Home Theater VA

Components of a Home Theater Design

  • Automation control system
  • Video displays/projector
  • Surround sound system
  • Seating
  • Lighting Control

You might be wondering, what does home theater automation mean? Short answer: it means you won’t be hunting in the sofa pillows or fumbling around in the dark for those multiple remotes that your old system used! Home theater automation is the integration of all your electronics via one controller. 

Yes, you read that right. You can adjust light, sound, and video with a single device that is programmed to control all of them. Think of it as the mother ship of your home theater which has freed you from that pile of mis-matched remotes cluttering your entertainment area.

Moseley Electronics will provide you with a home theater automation system that is programmed to control every aspect of your entertainment system, including:

  • TV
  • Projector
  • Speakers
  • Subwoofer
  • Cable/SAT
  • Lighting

The single controller can be a remote or an app on your smartphone, computer or tablet. In-wall panel options are available as well.

If you have smart home capabilities, we can even combine your new home theater automation controls with your smart home ones, creating a complete master control system.

Adjusting heating, cooling, window shades, or other aspects of your home’s automation system can be accessed through your new home theater automation system.

If home theater automation sounds complicated, don’t worry. When Moseley Electronics installs one, we strive to make it as simple and intuitive as possible. Need the lights dimmed? The volume up? The movie queued or paused? Just sit back in your plush, reclined theater seat and get the party started with the touch of a button from the single device in your hand!  

Installation Process

Like most everyone embarking on a home project right now, installation times are based on supply chain issues. Ideally, we would map out your home theater design, then order all of the products. Typically, installation begins once we have received all of the products and components. However, if the client prefers, we can do an install in stages. But, the entertainment space would not be ready to use until the installation is fully completed. 

Moseley Electronics professionals will handle the installation for all of the components and products we provide for your unique home theater. 


If you want to upgrade your home theater at any time in the future, we can work with you to discuss the most relevant products on the market at the moment and which ones could be added at an even later date. 

Some clients who started off with a TV and soundbar choose to upgrade their system by moving to a projector and screen. Others want more seating or additional speakers for a 360 surround sound feature. Whatever you would like to do, we can take you to the next level of your home theater experience.

After installation, our Moseley Electronics technicians will educate you on how to use your system. But if you have additional questions, just reach out to our experts at any time for a consultation. 

If at any point you need servicing, even a few years after installation, we are always here to assist you because our clients are lifelong! Or, if you are a new owner of a property with a home theater that was installed by Moseley, we are happy to come by to teach you how to use the equipment and of course, provide service if needed.


Premium Home Theater Setup

Being a SONY Diamond Dealer, we would first recommend a SONY projector. If you pair the projector with a Stewart Filmscreen and make yourself super comfy in Elite Home Theater Seating, you will have a best of the best home theater installation.


Moderate Home Theater Setup

If you’re looking for something in the mid-range based on your budget and room constraints, we would recommend a larger TV or screen with a projector, speakers, and a remote control.

Basic Home Theater Set Up

For those in the budget-conscious category, a 55”-65” screen TV wall mounted with a basic speaker set up, and a remote control is a good option.

What Clients Are Saying


“Moseley Electronics did a great job installing a new TV, and existing sound system in our new house. Everyone I dealt with was courteous, knowledgeable, and professional, and they did a great job! I have recommended Moseley Electronics to several friends.” 

– Rose L.


“I just wanted to commend you on providing outstanding service during the installation of my system last month. Your service installer came highly recommended from a neighbor. He showed an impressive knowledge of his trade and performed a very professional installation service without any disruption to our home. There was no evidence of any holes or construction trash when he completed his task. Please rest assured that I would recommend your services to anyone looking for any types of electronic installation.” 

– Wayne A.

Brands We’ve Worked With

Moseley Electronics is proud to be your Authorized Sony and Sonos Dealer.

sonyauthdealer sonos music systems

We also services and install products by the following providers:

Da Lite Screens BDI
URC_Logo_2010 Stewart Filmscreen CrowsonLogo

Experience Home Theater Design and Installation

For a full home theater experience that matches both your home’s specifications and your budget, Moseley Electronics is your best resource.

To find out more about what we can do for your home theater system, contact us today! We are available online or by phone at (804) 379-1348.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. More often than not, the existing wiring can be utilized with a new system.


Heat is not good for a TV. You should make sure your fireplace has a mantel to help deflect the heat from the television. Not sure whether to mount your tv or use a stand? Check out TV mount vs stand.


Yes, a TV can be mounted onto brick or stone. However, you need to take some things into consideration such as how accessible it is to get the wire for the TV. Conduit or decorative trim may need to be installed to conceal the wiring if access behind the television cannot be obtained.


Most old tube televisions are now obsolete. With technology on the rise, it’s becoming more difficult to find parts for these, and paying someone for the parts and labor is expensive. It makes sense to invest that money into a newer warrantied television. There are local recycling centers that will take your old electronics and properly dispose of them.

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