We offer a variety of indoor and outdoor cameras for your place of business. Whether you are looking for a bullet style or dome camera, we can make sure your business is secured. All- weather outdoor cameras come with night vision capabilities, and can be controlled with an App. 

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Cameras can be mounted for both indoor and outdoor use. Want to keep an eye out on the parking lot and outside entry doors? We can monitor all outdoor areas with our weatherproof cameras, which includes night vision.

The cameras can be accessed from an App on your smart phone where you can review and download footage as needed.

Find Out More

Luma surveillance systems are intuitive, and the user interface is consistent across multiple platforms. The advanced playback capability allows you to pause, rewind, and jump to a live feed with just the push of a button. Luma’s easy to use App allows you to access video directly on your phone or tablet at all times.  

In need of surveillance for your business, church or entertainment establishment? We can help! Contact us at (804) 379-1348 or schedule an appointment online to determine your best option.