Why should amazing quality sound be confined to the walls of your home? An outdoor audio system will enhance the pleasure you get from your deck, terrace, pool, or yard. Unlike a portable Bluetooth speaker, you’ll get high-quality sound everywhere you want it, with no concerns about battery life and no need to move it indoors when bad weather comes.

A well-planned and professionally installed system uses components engineered to resist wind, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. Our line of Coastal Source Audio can blend in with your landscaping and provide a stylish feature that looks as good as it sounds. Cabling will be buried underground for protection against wildlife, pets and lawn equipment. If you don’t want people to know where the sound is coming from, that can be arranged, too!

When it comes to outdoor speaker installation, Moseley Electronics should be your authority on sound. Our specialists will help you understand the options, advise on the layout to meet your needs, and recommend equipment to suit your space and budget. 


The main elements are the speakers themselves. Many different styles are available; from those that are disguised as a garden feature, to conventional-looking units for wall or fence mounting.

As with indoor systems, a subwoofer will boost low-frequency sounds and improve the overall experience. An amplifier will let you raise the volume without distortion. Some systems have built-in amps while others use a separate component.

Speakers must be connected to the source by a high-quality cable with weatherproof connectors. If the cable is to be buried, it must be made for the purpose.

Lastly, consider the audio source. Most people stream their music and podcasts over the internet. You may also want your speakers connected to a TV or home theater system. Whatever outdoor speaker system you select, it should be capable of handling your preferred sources. Coastal Source makes it easy to integrate with an existing SONOS system or other music platforms. All of your outdoor music equipment can be controlled from your smartphone. 


Sound propagates differently outdoors compared to indoors. Without careful planning, you’re unlikely to achieve the results you’re looking for. The main points to consider include:

  • Listening locations — Look for places to install speakers that will highlight your entertainment and listening area. 
  • Number of speakers — It’s better to add more speakers rather than rely on increased volume. This helps ensure a comfortable volume within the listening area.
  • Speaker spacing — Our experts will advise the proper distance between speakers depending on the area that you want covered. Anything too far apart can lead to quiet areas, and speakers too close together can create stereo confusion. 
  • Speaker mounting points — Wall and deck mounting can help improve sound. Our experts can recommend placement to achieve the best sound quality for your area. 
  • Concealed or visible? — Speakers can be visible or disguised as other garden, deck, or terrace elements.
  • Warranty — Higher-quality products tend to come with better warranty coverage. This is important because the outdoor environment is hard on electronics, even here in Virginia.


We’ll start with one feature that isn’t optional: outdoor speakers must be weatherproof (as must their cabling and connectors.) Without this, your speakers won’t last very long! Moisture, insects, corrosion, heat and dirt all are things that can damage your system. An authentic outdoor system will take all of this into account and design components that incorporate the best materials with maintenance-free construction. 

Speakers can be styled as conventional units, to create an attractive feature, or to be hidden. Some speakers, like Monitor Audio, work particularly well on a patio or deck, while others are intended for incorporating into landscaping. Coastal Source also manufactures a range of impressive speakers of this type.


Sheltered locations are always best for speakers, even if they are classed as weatherproof. That means under eaves or a canopy if possible.

If cables can’t be protected inside the channel or conduit, ensure they’re of a grade suitable for outdoor use. When speakers are incorporated into landscaping, cables should be buried to protect against wildlife or overzealous landscapers. Using cable designed for such use avoids having to thread it through conduit before burying.


An outdoor speaker system will enhance your enjoyment of your yard, deck, terrace, or pool. It will complement any outdoor TVs you install for watching sports or action movies, and ensure that your parties and social gatherings become the talk of the neighborhood.

A Moseley Electronics outdoor speaker installation expert can help you understand your options and what’s possible. We’ll explore your requirements and budget and assess your intended listening space before recommending an appropriate solution. Get started with us today!