If your network keeps going down or isn’t giving you the performance you need, it might be time for professional attention. Moseley Electronics can diagnose the problem, get it back up and running, and suggest upgrades to improve performance.


Networking systems and technology have changed dramatically since it has moved from dial-up to broadband. Your network was originally intended for surfing the web and emailing from multiple computers, but things have drastically evolved. Today, your phone can handle your communication and browsing needs while the network has become a utility connecting a host of devices.

Wired connections still have a role to play, especially in businesses, but at home and in many commercial settings, Wi-Fi rules. Laptops and tablets benefit, obviously, and it’s useful to put your cell on the network too, but where networks are working increasingly hard is with digital assistants, smart TVs, music players, doorbells, gaming systems, appliances and cameras. So when yours isn’t delivering the performance you need, something’s got to be done!


Common network problems divide into two types:

  • Not fast enough
  • Not working at all

Speed issues may just be that you have too many devices fighting for bandwidth, or there could be a problem with the wire coming into the house or office. Start with our “Helpful Hints for Wi-Fi”, but if those don’t resolve the problem, you almost certainly need professional help.

When the network is down completely, some people just try to fix the situation by rebooting the router. Of course, if you don’t know where the router is, what it is, or how to reboot it, it’s not quite so simple. Plus, if it keeps happening there may very well be something else going on. This is where it pays to call in the pros.



If you’re struggling with your network, let us help! A skilled Moseley Electronics technician will come to you, diagnose the problem, and make it right. Is your network speed struggling? We can upgrade your network to make it easier to debug and resolve problems. In most cases, once we’ve installed the necessary hardware, we can resolve problems remotely – no appointment or visit needed!

Upgrading a network entails installing one, two, or all of the following tools and capabilities:

  • Install a “Smart Hub” with OvrC remote systems management capabilities
  • Install SurgeX surge protectors
  • Set up Access Networks wireless access points

A “Smart Hub” is a network box installed in your home or business that we can access remotely. This is done using a software tool called OvrC. OvrC allows us to monitor the connection and diagnose problems without needing to visit. That can get your network running again in far less time. And most importantly, OvrC is completely secure – no one can see your browsing history, read your emails, or access your data.

Surge protectors can prevent damage from electrical spikes, which can destroy your electronics. SurgeX surge protectors can do just that as well as sit on your network so you can manage the rebooting of your devices when needed. You can even operate it through an app on your smartphone!

Placing wireless access points strategically around your house or office can improve your Wi-Fi speed dramatically. We like those from Access Networks because we’ve found them to be fast, secure, and reliable.


These days the network is an essential element of every home and business. Activities from Zoom meetings, virtual school, streaming movies, and gaming, all depend on Wi-Fi being both fast and reliable. 

You don’t need to keep struggling with a network that’s unreliable or too slow – it can be fixed and upgraded; and Moseley Electronics can help you do it. Our technicians will diagnose and resolve immediate problems and take you through your options for upgrading so you get the performance you need.