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Customers may not realize it, but music plays a big part in their dining experience. As a restaurateur, bar, or café owner, this feature can impact your profits. Research says the playlist should be matched to the demographic and the time of day, but what’s just as important is how that music sounds.

Finding the right restaurant sound system is more involved than setting up a Bluetooth speaker. The music has to be audible under all conditions, yet not so loud it limits conversation (unless that’s the ambiance you’re going for) so controllability is important. Speaker placement is critical to avoid music being too loud at some tables and too quiet elsewhere. And good quality, distortion-free reproduction is essential.

Moseley Electronics has the expertise necessary to help you specify and select a sound system that will suit your space and meet your needs. We’ll take care of installation too, but the playlists are up to you!



Acoustics are complicated. What sounds right in an empty space at 11 a.m. may be completely inaudible when every table and space at the bar is taken that evening. Then, in an attempt to compensate, your bar staff or manager might crank the volume to the point where Norah Jones, U2, or Vivaldi becomes distorted.

A quality sound system for a restaurant, café, bar, or coffee shop takes space and traffic flows into account. When you come to us, we’ll start by listening to what you’re trying to achieve. Then we’ll look at your floor plan and explore some options, perhaps including ideas you haven’t yet thought about.

Every project has a budget. Moseley Electronics designs systems that will suit yours, but with the flexibility to be expanded or upgraded as your restaurant grows or evolves.

Some other benefits of working with us are:

  • We carry many name brands of audio equipment — if you have a favorite, we can probably offer it.
  • Expert installation and local service — being local, we are available to service your needs.
  • Custom systems possible — if you need something special, we’ll work with you to make it happen.
  • We warranty our labor in addition to the coverage that comes with the audio system components.


Any restaurant or bar bigger than a four-cover bistro probably has separate areas that patrons move through. There’s no reason you should play the same music in all of them. In fact, research suggests you’ll turn tables faster and increase the amount spent per customer if you don’t. 

For example:

  • Music playing at the entrance helps patrons form an impression of what to expect before they cross the threshold.
  • Music can help the time pass more quickly for customers in a waiting area — but it must be appropriate to the type of business.
  • Louder and more upbeat music in a bar area will encourage patrons to spend more.
  • You might want more up-tempo tunes in bathrooms.
  • Tailor music in the dining area to compliment the cuisine and intended ambiance — softer and more relaxed music encourages diners to linger and order dessert, while louder and more upbeat helps turn tables faster.
  • Patios, terraces, and similar outdoor areas pose particular challenges — systems should be weatherproof and possibly with closer spacing than is needed than indoors.


An effective restaurant sound system has four, sometimes five components:

Speakers — These are the heart of a good sound system. Whether indoor or outdoor speakers, it’s essential to select quality units.

Wiring — Wired speakers always produce better sound and output than wireless.

Amplifier — This provides the power that makes the music audible. The higher the wattage, the louder it can go. (A rule of thumb is 5 watts per person listening, so if your restaurant has capacity for 40 people you’ll need 200 watts total.)

An App — This makes it easy to change music settings or switch playlists many systems now offer this functionality

A separate volume control — The fifth component, useful in some spaces, is used to give the manager a master switch.


If you have a preferred brand you’d like to use in your restaurant or bar, we can probably accommodate you. If you don’t, here are some we’ve had a good experience with:

Monitor Audio — Offer great ranges of both indoor and outdoor speakers

Sony Amplifiers — We recommend SONY, but carry other brands, too.

Coastal Source Audio — Top quality outdoor speakers


For a sophisticated audio experience that compliments the cuisine, how about a custom system? 

Larger businesses, in particular, will benefit from being able to tailor music delivery to every part of their facility. Moseley Electronics has experience in developing and installing such systems.


Monitor Audio offers top of the line quality sound for your listening needs. We have a variety of styles to fit your needs depending on the location and listening area. We do recommend recessed ceiling and wall speakers for the best overall sound quality.
This depends on establishment size, number of speakers, and the integration and control needed to make it work. We work with all budgets and can design systems from basic to advanced. We give our clients the option to add on over time as their budget allows.
Sound quality, good aesthetics, easy control, and seamless integration.
Wireless speakers can suffer from interference. Wired systems don’t have this problem.