Lighting control is much more than simply setting a timer these days. You can create scenes both inside and outside your place of business. Use these scenes and occupancy sensors to save both energy and money. Lighting automation allows you to be in total control of your integrated devices such as the shades, thermostat, cameras and other automated devices. Moseley Electronics can help design and program an App for managing all of your lights and other devices.

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Commercial Lighting Solutions

By installing controllable and integrated lighting, our clients have seen savings in both energy and cost by enjoying the ease of control from anywhere. Most places of business use these sensors in conference rooms and restrooms to help cut energy costs. This is a very cost effective way to save money for your business since it totals about 15%-39% of your electrical expense. 

Occupancy Light Sensors

Occupancy Light Sensors are another great feature that will help reduce costs. These sensors can detect motion in a room. If no one is meeting in the conference room, there is no reason to illuminate it all day. The occupancy sensors can detect lack of movement in a room, and are programmed to turn off when no movement is detected. Most places of business use these sensors in conference rooms and restrooms to help cut energy costs. This is a very cost effective way to save money for your business since it totals about 15%-39% of your electrical expense.

Automatic Shades

An automated shade solution helps with light and temperature control in your office. These shades can be programmed using actual time or astronomical time. For instance, you can program your shades to lower each day to help block the afternoon sun on the west side of your building, in order to help control glare and temperature. Lutron’s shades are available in many colors and patterns, so you can customize your preference.


A standard halogen or incandescent light bulb can be dimmed by 25%, resulting in a savings of 20% in energy costs. Automated lighting can be programmed to use dimmers, or even a countdown timer. The timer can be set so that the necessary lights are on during working hours and once everyone goes home for the evening, switch over to minimal lighting for security and energy savings.


A big advantage to using automated lighting is that you can program scenes for your space. The scenes will allow you to have certain lighting on during working hours and scale back the amount of inside lights for overnight. In addition to inside, you can program the outside lights for the parking lot and landscape lights to turn on at dusk and off at dawn.

Whole Building + Outdoor Lighting

If you are looking for lighting for your office, contact us to schedule an appointment. One of our experts will perform an assessment of your area and design a system to suit your lighting needs both inside and outside the facility. Moseley Electronics will deliver, install and integrate the system into your office and educate your staff as to how to operate the system. A labor and manufacturer’s warranty is included with each product installation provided by Moseley Electronics. It is our goal to make sure each client has the best solution for their lighting needs, and our experts will customize the best solution that will be the most energy and cost effective for their space.

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What Clients Are Saying

“The pace of change with home technology is fast and constant. We have always found Moseley Electronics to be current with the latest trends and products. Their people are well trained and truly care about the product and service they deliver to us and our clients. We try hard everyday to deliver exceptional customer service and provide value to our clients in all we do. Moseley Electronics has been a valued partner in that effort for more than 25 years.” Gray S.

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“Moseley is Great!! I called them and they came out and installed my wiring and system! Love them! Will do business with them again.”

 “By having my outdoor business lights programmed using the astronomical timer allowed me to save 7% off of my total lighting expense last year. When dealing with tight budgets, every savings is a plus for any business.” – Bruce M.

“Great job! Your team went out of their way to be accommodating and I really appreciate their effort. I would recommend Moseley to anyone – individual or company.” – Vickie Q.

Take Control Of Your Office Lights

Optimize your office lighting so you have total control of your lights and your budget. Let Moseley Electronics help design an automated lighting system that works best for your business. Invest now and start seeing a savings of up to 20% of your lighting budget. 

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