Video has two functions in a church setting. You can use it as a security tool to monitor both indoors and out, and you can use it to stream services to those unable to attend in person. For maximum benefit and impact, it’s essential to choose the right camera technology for each of these, and that’s where Moseley Electronics can help.

Our electronics specialists understand what it takes to deliver successful video surveillance. They also know how to create a live streaming church setup that will meet the expectations of your congregants. Whatever kind of video solution you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.


Sadly, no building or institution is safe from people looking to steal or cause harm. Church video cameras improve safety by providing a visible deterrent, and should something still happen you’ll have video evidence for identifying and prosecuting offenders.

To maximize the benefits from video surveillance it’s important to have the right cameras and the right recording system. Resolution, lens options, lighting, and communication network must all be considered. Additionally, cameras, lights, and cables that will go outdoors should be weatherproof. Moseley Electronics specialists can advise on what will work best.

Mounting locations should be selected to maximize fields of view and avoid blind spots. At the same time, you don’t want indoor church video cameras to be intrusive. We can review your building and location and develop proposals to meet both your surveillance needs and your budget. We can also help with recommending a Security Company to assist with monitoring and alerting authorities of an incident. 



Streaming is a way to take the church to those unable to attend in person, but doing it properly takes far more than a cellphone. A high quality camera or cameras is the primary component, but a quality system also includes:

  • Lighting – so faces are seen clearly
  • Tripod(s) – to avoid camera shake
  • Microphones – to capture what’s being said clearly (and also any communal singing)
  • A Video Switcher or Mixer – to switch between multiple cameras and microphones
  • A Web Broadcast Device – turns the video into streams for delivery over the internet, in a range of resolutions to suit the devices the viewers are using

There are many options for church video cameras: choosing the ones that are right for your congregation and goals involves considering size and weight, resolution, zoom, and the expertise of the person who’ll be operating them. Our camera experts can help you understand your options and select what’s right for your church.

Other system components need to be chosen with equal care. Not only do you want the best results for your budget, but everything must work together seamlessly. We understand the technology behind video capture and streaming and will help you make it all work. We’ll even provide training as needed.

In addition to hardware, streaming requires a service provider. While many companies are offering this service, we’ve had a good experience working with BoxCast. They provide a quality church service streaming capability that won’t bust your budget.


Cameras are only effective if installed and set up correctly. We’ll take the time to understand your goals and objectives before determining how many cameras and where they should go. With our experience, you can be sure they won’t be intrusive or in the way but they’ll also give you the crisp, high-quality picture you need.