Is it possible to control my A/V equipment with a smart device?

Yes.  We have an App for that!  You can control almost anything now through your smart phone, tablet or computer with an App.  We can write an App for you to manage your audio, visual needs as well as help to manage your security, lighting, thermostat and other electronic needs.

How much to add a CATV jack?

Depending on the construction of the house, it could range from $100 and up.  If you have a basement, crawl space or attic access and cables already existing it will make the job easier.  Pricing is dependant upon these variables. Contact us for more information.

How difficult is it to add speakers?

Depending on the structure of house, most homes that have access with attic or crawl space, speakers can be added quite easily.

Can I hang a TV over my fireplace?

Yes, a TV can be hung over the fireplace.  Consideration must be taken into the structure of the fireplace and access to the nearest wiring.

Can my old intercom be upgraded or replaced?

Yes, there are intercoms available that can utilize the old wiring in the house that can give you clear, crisp sounds. We can also replace your old intercom with a Retro-fit.  Another great feature is that you can stream music through a cable channel or iPod with an auxiliary connection.

Can you have a TV outside?

Yes, you can enjoy your viewing outside with an outdoor rated TV, since these TV’s are made to be weatherproof.

Do I have to replace my Surround sound Amp with my new TV?

Not necessarily.  There are often ways to rewire system to allow the video to run to the new TV, but to have the sound to work through the old amplifier.

Can a CAT 5 run be more than a phone jack?

Yes, a CAT 5 wire can carry phone, computer network signal and, on certain applications, it can carry video.

Can HDMI run over a cable TV line?

Yes.  There are adapters called “baluns” that will allow HDMI to be carried over a coaxile cable.

Can HDMI run over a computer line?

Yes.  HDMI can also run over a CAT5 or better computer line.

Will heat damage my TV over the fireplace?

Heat is not good for a TV.  You should make sure your fireplace has a mantel to help deflect the heat from the television. Not sure whether to mount your tv or use a stand? Check out TV mount vs stand.

Can I mount a TV onto brick or stone?

Yes, a TV can be mounted onto either brick or stone.  However, you need to take some things into consideration such as how accessible it is to get the wire for the TV.  Conduit or decorative trim may need to be installed to conceal the wiring, if access behind the television cannot be obtained.

Can I have equipment in a different room from the TV?

Yes, thanks to inferred target kits and radio frequency remote controls.

Are separate speakers better than a soundbar?

Depending on the size of your room, separate speakers are usually better, but depending on space restraints or décor of the room dictates a soundbar.

Are wireless speakers any good?

We recommend using wireless speakers only when there is no accessibility for running wire to the speakers. (such as in basements, etc.)

Is it possible to upgrade my home theater equipment?

Yes.  More often than not, the existing wiring can be utilized with a new system.

What functions do the Universal Remotes have?

Universal Remote Controls have come a long way and can control more than just a television.  Our URC’s can control Audio/Visual equipment, lighting, thermostat, security, and cameras.

Can I mount a TV on a plaster wall?

Yes, TV’s can be mounted on plaster walls.  Sometimes concessions need to be made to get wire to the TV and to conceal the wire.

Are exhaust fans helpful for A/V equipment?

Yes, in most cases it is necessary.  Electronics emit a lot of heat, so equipment can benefit greatly from a closet so that the equipment does not overheat, thus extending the life of your electronics.

Can you upgrade a surround receiver for 4K?

Depending on the surround receiver.  NAD offers modular chassis that will allow for future 4K conversion.

How much does a new intercom cost?

Varies depending on if it is a new installation or retro fit. A basic intercom can range from $1,000-$5,000 depending on the wiring and the functions on the intercom.

How do video doorbells work?

When someone rings the doorbell, an image is displayed on one of the monitors in the house so you can safely see who is at your front door.

Can I have a doorbell over my phone line?

Yes, there is a device called a door phone, that when installed, when a person rings the bell, it rings the phones in the house and enables the people to converse with the person at the door.

Can my old remote control be upgraded?

Depending on the model URC you have, it can be upgraded.  These remotes are made to add more codes (functions) over time.  However, the remote must be current enough with today’s technology to be able to be compatible.  Our technicians can evaluate your remote and needs for it to determine the most cost effective way to achieve your goals.

Why does my universal remote act inconsistently?

There could be interference on the remote control equipment. Call our Specialists for evaluation.

How can I boost my WiFi?

You can boost your WiFi in your home with a WiFi booster.  We can add additional access points inside or outside your home to increase your coverage area.  Factors that can attribute to poor cellular reception include obstacles like walls, concrete and other natural barriers.

How can I increase cellular coverage?

You can increase your cellular coverage with a cellular booster.

Why am I missing colors on my TV?

If you have an older flat screen TV running component to video, there may be a damaged wire or damaged video output on a piece of equipment.  You usually can replace parts on your television to fix this problem.

Do I need to clean my central vac?

Yes, yes, yes!  Like all appliances, clean equipment works better than dirty equipment.  There are filters and bags that need to be emptied and cleaned to optimize best performance.

Why does my Central Vac motor run all the time?

There is most likely a short in a wire somewhere, or the motor itself needs to be fixed.  Also, the hose could be inserted incorrectly.

Why won’t my Central Vac motor turn on?

Check these things if your Central Vac won’t start:

  • Check the circuit breaker on your electrical panel
  • Check the circuit breaker of the unit
  • Check the 24-volt circuit (more info)
Why does my intercom squall when I push the talk button?

There is an incorrect setting on the master.  There is probably too much gain on the intercom stations. (think microphones in relation to other equipment).

Can I connect a CD or iPod to my intercom?

Yes!  It is possible to connect an iPod or other device to your intercom through an adapter.  We can install an interface to connect your iPod to your Intercom System to enjoy your favorite music in many rooms.

Why does my Central Vac seem to have weak suction?

There are several reasons why your Central Vac has little to no suction power.  See the following checklist.

  • Check your hose to see if something is stuck inside.
  • Check suction power in all outlets.  If one or more outlet has good suction, then the problem probably is within the piping system.
  • Check to make sure the bucket is well installed and clamped to the main head.
  • Disconnect the piping from the “IN”.  If it has suction, then the problem lies within the piping system.
  • If unit has two motors, make sure both motors are working.
  • Check to see if your dust bag is full.  If so, empty and try again.
  • Clean the main filter by washing it with a damp cloth and drying it thoroughly.  Reinstall the main filter and check the unit for suction power. (Note:  The main filter must be installed at ALL TIMES).
Why does my Netflix buffer when viewing?

This problem is more than likely due to a poor internet connection.  Here is a troubleshooting list of things to try:

  • Make sure you are connected to a reliable fast internet and check your home network configuration.
  • If you are connected through your gaming system, try restarting your video game console directly to your modem.
  • Try upgrading your WiFi signal.  Also check the version of (Micosoft) Windows Operating System you are running.
Can I connect a BluRay player to my older A/V system?

Yes, it is possible to connect the two.  However, it will require either an adapter or a convertor, depending on the available inputs.

Can’t an electrician install my equipment?

Electricians are not trained in electronics.  There is a difference.  Our specialists are trained in low voltage wiring and know the proper way to install it.  (carries a lot more information that just electricity…including data).

Can an older intercom be repaired?

Yes, in most cases.  Most intercoms systems installed in the last 30 years can be repaired as long as parts are available.  (Most stay in production for 15-20 years) We can also upgrade to retro-fit to a newer system utilizing the old wiring.

What do I do with my old tube TV?

Most old tube televisions are now obsolete.  With technology on the rise, it’s becoming more difficult to find parts for these, and paying someone for the parts and labor is expensive.  It makes sense to invest that money into a newer warranted television.  There are local recycling centers that will take your old electronics and properly dispose of them.

How difficult is it to install a Central Vac in an existing home?

Generally it is not too difficult to install a central vac into an existing home, if there is access to crawl spaces and basements as needed to run the tubing.

Why won’t my new cable box broadcast on my old TV?

There could be several reasons for this to occur.  You need to make sure that you have the proper HDMI cables needed for your equipment.  Also, make sure your TV knows that it’s connected to cable instead of antenna.  You must choose the correct one before scanning for channels. Also, make sure the cable box is set to a resolution that that TV will support.

Why do my TV speakers sound so bad?

With technology and the Televisions getting thinner , the room for the speakers is also shrinking.  If you want optimal sound to match your high quality picture, the best solution is to install Playbars in your viewing area.

Will you install equipment if I buy it?

Yes.  However, we do not warranty the equipment we don’t sell.

How much is it to install a flat panel TV?

Installing a flat panel television can range anywhere from $500-$8,000 (or up) depending on the size of the television, features it has and where you want to mount it.  If the space you wish to place it is easy to get to (depending on mounting hardware and complexity of wiring and other types of materials), then there is minimal labor involved.  However, if you want a flat panel TV mounted onto brick, or stone, there are other variables to be taken into consideration and the price will increase as the labor hours increase.  We are an authorized Sony distributor, but we also carry other brands of televisions.

How much is it to install outdoor lighting on my property?

Outdoor lighting can range from $1,000 to over $10,000 depending on the areas you want to light, types of light and how many Apps need to be written and customized to your property.

How much is it for a good URC (Universal Remote Control)?

When speaking of Universal Remote Controls, we are referring to the actual brand, URC.  Today, many people throw the term “universal remote control” around to mean a device that controls several things (TV, VCR, DVD, BluRay, Cable box) We use the URC product and have certain models we recommend.  Prices start at $350 (MX-890 with base station).  On the low side, the remote controls multiple devices, and on the high side the remote can control nearly everything in your house (electronics, lights, shades, cameras, security and thermostat from anywhere in the world!)

Does Moseley Electronics write custom Apps?

Yes!  We do write custom Apps for our customers.  The prices begin at $300 and go up depending on the programming needed and the complexity of the App (how much you want it to control, etc.)  The Apps we customize can be accessed from your smart phone from anywhere in the world.  We can also update and adjust these Apps as needed.

How much is a SONOS sound system?

SONOS starts at about $350 with a Play 1, and can range into the thousands of dollars depending on the complexity of the system you want and how many playbars and Subs you want to add to your system.

How much does it cost to add a WiFi Booster to my home or business?

It costs $150-$300 per access point to boost your WiFi in your home.  Boosting your WiFi may require multiple access points depending on the square footage and certain barriers.


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