Moseley Electronics can equip your restaurant with the technology to run smoothly by installing controllable lighting, an automatic thermostat, music with recessed speakers, indoor and outdoor cameras and guest Wi-Fi. The more enjoyable experience you provide for your patrons, the more they will frequent your establishment.

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Upgrade Your Restaurants Experience

The benefits to your business are obvious! The more entertained your patrons are, the longer they will stay in your establishment; and happy customers tend to spend more money and will tell their friends about your establishment. By updating your technology, patrons will enjoy a more enjoyable and entertaining experience!

✔ Televisions

As a SONY Diamond dealer, we can deliver and install the highest quality TV’s for your patrons to enjoy in the bar area, and around the dining area.

✔ Speakers

Monitor Audio offers high quality speakers for inside your establishment and all-weather Coastal Source for outside.

✔ Projectors

As a SONY Diamond dealer, we can deliver and install the highest quality TV’s for your patrons to enjoy in the bar area, and around the dining area.

✔ Cameras

Luma Cameras for both indoor and outdoor use. Complete with HD and night vision. Cameras can be controlled via App

✔ Screens

Stewart Filmsceen – made in USA and custom made to fit any size up to 408”.

✔ Digital Signage

Want to advertise daily specials, upcoming events or include a menu board? Our digital signage can be used inside or outside the facility.

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Keep Customers Coming Back

The use of updated technology, paired with an accessible guest Wi-Fi, televisions, speakers and digital signage, Moseley Electronics can help keep your neighborhood establishment frequented by patrons.


All weather speakers – Coastal Source audio speakers, Séura Outdoor televisions, outdoor accessible Wi-Fi, and outdoor lighting control, using an astronomical timer.


Everyone tends to belly up to the bar for watching sports, so this where you want to mount multiple SONY TV’s, and speakers

Dining Area

Speakers and lighting control, based on time of day/night; some televisions throughout dining areas (if this applies to your type of restaurant)

Waiting Area

Speakers, comfortable seating, lighting, Wi-Fi, pager system


Occupancy lighting, speakers for music

Make a Guest Wi-Fi for your patrons and possibly extend the network outside to the patio and outdoor seating area.

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What Clients Are Saying

“Love being able to use Ruth’s Chris television to present at my business lunch meetings. Great place for formal business meetings and parties!” – Alex A.

Restaurants We’ve Worked With

Ruth’s Chris in Midlothian, VA, Ruth’s Chris in Virginia Beach, VA. Layne’s Deli and Taps in Ashland, VA

Get Started With Your Restaurant Project

Summary of value proposition and offerings. Recessed speakers, sound system, Guest Wi-Fi, Television installation, digital signage, Cameras (indoor and outdoor).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I determine what type of sound system I need for my restaurant?

A: Contact our experts and they will come out to survey the area and find out your needs for your customers. We will design a plan that best suits your needs, as every client needs are specific and unique to them.

Q: Can I have the speakers on a separate system for the meeting room, so the music won’t play during my meeting? (ex. Is there a volume button installed for this? Or can this set of speakers be controlled separately in case I need to pair a microphone with them?)

A: Yes, we can design a system that will have controllable speakers.