Moseley Electronics can help get your office, restaurant or place of entertainment up to speed with the latest technology. We offer a variety of services such as Wi-Fi boosters, television installation, projectors, screens, audio and video components, cameras, surveillance systems, lighting and thermostat control.

Television Installation

Medical offices and places of business have televisions installed in the lobby for clients. Some doctor’s offices will also have a game room for kids where a television and gaming equipment are available for clients while they are waiting to be seen. Televisions can also be mounted in the patient’s rooms where they can view their records, watch TV, or listen to music.

In the corporate setting, we can mount televisions in office lobbies, conference rooms, or wherever they are needed. Most businesses will use these televisions to advertise important events and information, or have a television show broadcasted for clients to watch while waiting.

Give Your Conference Room a Great Combo

For larger conference rooms, we can install a commercial grade projector and screen for presentations. A commercial projector paired with a Stewart Filmscreen makes for a perfect visual feast for the eyes! Stewart projection screens are custom-made right here in the USA. Stewart Filmscreen’s seamless screens can be custom made up to 40 feet by 90 feet in size, and can be made in shapes such as domes, curved screens and other configurations are no problem! Using only the finest materials and craftsmanship, these screens are made and personally inspected to meet Stewart’s uncompromising standards. 


Many brands of indoor and outdoor speakers are available for your entertaining purposes. From brands like Monitor Audio, Savant and Coastal Source Audio, we have your sound covered. Depending on your precise needs, our experts can help you decide which speaker will match your needs, and the best location to mount them. Whether you want the speakers mounted in the wall, ceiling, or simply a stand-alone speaker, we can help you achieve the best acoustics for your space. If your place of business extends to the outside, like some of our restaurants do, we offer all-weather speakers for your listening enjoyment!

We Do It All!

Moseley Electronics is your one stop place for all of your electronic needs. Have a vision? We can help you achieve your dreams! Contact us today at (804) 379-1348 to help find the best A/V solutions for your business.