Home Theater Projector vs. TV with Sound Bar

In choosing the visual device for your Home Theater, consider your room size, layout, and seating arrangements. Is your room large with plenty of area for theater seating? Does the room have windows? Or is your room smaller in size with limited seating and lots of natural light? Your answer will determine which home theater TV or projector is best for your viewing needs.

Home Theater Projector Vs. TV with Sound Bar

If you have a smaller Home Theater room, a big screen TV and sound bar will likely be a better option than a projector and screen.

In a bright room, big screen TVs don’t get as much of a “washed out” look as projectors. Moseley Electronics is an authorized SONY dealer and has a great line of SONY televisions from which you can choose. The Z-Series, 4K, and OLED televisions are all superior quality for viewing sports, movies, shows, and gaming.

Turn Up the Volume on that Home Theater TV

When opting to go with a television instead of a projector, you will want to add a sound bar to amplify the sound. Although televisions have improved in size and visual aspects over the years, the speakers can sound muffled at times. A sound bar will give you the extra boost you need to fully enjoy your Home Theater experience. SONOS makes a great Playbar and SONY has a line of sound bars as well.

SONY OLED TVs Have Superior Sound Quality

SONY’s OLED TV is the exception to the rule when it comes to adding a sound bar to a television. No sound bars are needed since this OLED model uses its built-in speakers to project sound through the screen using SONY’s own acoustic surface technology.

The sound ratings for SONY’s OLED TV are superior! Televisions have improved their size, color, clarity, brightness, and resolution tremendously over the years. Unless you are vying for that absolute cinematic experience, it is more budget friendly to go with a large screen 4K television and sound system rather than installing projector and screen.

Check out this video that provides a hands-on total review of SONY’s OLED innovative television. This TV gives customers the total package of entertainment!

Big or Small Home Theater Installation in Richmond, Virginia

Big or small, we’ve designed them all! Whether your home entertainment space is big or small, you can enjoy the sights and sounds to the fullest! If you need help in assessing your allocated home theater room, contact us at (804)379-1348. Our team of experts has designed and installed many systems in all types of rooms, and they can best show you how to use your space to maximize your enjoyment for years to come!