Controlled Lighting with Vacation Mode Setting

Controlled lighting by Savant or Lutron can help you maintain control of your lighting needs to suit your lifestyle while saving money.

Vacation Mode

Going on vacation? A constant dark house or a home with the same lights on every evening screams “MY OWNER ISN’T HOME” to everyone. Avoid being a victim and have Moseley Electronics install automated controlled lighting in your home. This convenience will provide you with peace of mind. 

By having controlled lighting, it provides options for managing your lighting to suit your lifestyle needs. For example, by selecting “Vacation Mode” your indoor and outdoor lights will randomly turn on and off at different times of the night to make your home have a lived in appearance. This is a nice change to the old school way of putting lamps on timers. You can even have your outdoor porch and landscaping lights programmed to turn on as usual. The difference between controlled lighting and timers are the various scenes that can be created using Lutron or Savant.

Save Money 

Installing automated lighting, and having dimmers and occupancy sensors can help save you money. Who doesn’t love that? Dimming your lights will help reduce energy costs; and adding scenes can make sure rooms aren’t illuminated for all hours of the evening. Anyone have kids who constantly keep their lights on whether or not they are in their room? Installing motion occupancy sensors will help you to keep your kids, and electricity bill, in check. 

Stay in Control

We all like to be in control. Automated lighting allows you to be in control of your environment, by programming the lighting in your home to suit your needs. You can create multiple scenes for different rooms in your home. Control your indoor and outdoor lighting with automated lighting and create special scenes to fit to your lifestyle. 

Automate Your Life

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