Fall is the Perfect Time of Year to Spruce Up Your Backyard

It’s official…Fall has arrived! Ready for cooler temperatures and more time outside? Here are some guidelines to help spruce up your backyard for enjoyment! Section your yard into different areas: dining area, entertainment area, game area, etc. This will help set the tone for the different ways you wish to enjoy each area, and then use a lighting theme to connect them all together.

Patios and Decks – When you think of an outdoor space, patios and decks seem to be the most popular for gathering people. You want to make sure you have enough seating for your guests, a table for dining, a drink area, simple lighting and some music. App controllable music is always a good bet to keep the tunes playing for your guests. With all-weather outdoor speakers and your smart phone, your favorite playlist will be controllable from your fingertips!

Fire Pits/Outdoor FireplacesFire Pits are really popular this time of year. Something about the smell of a bonfire lends itself to the nostalgia of fall weather. This is a great place for friends and family to gather and enjoy some good conversation and s’mores. Add some comfortable seating, and your night is complete!

Cookout and Dining Area – Everyone loves a cookout, and having a designated area for grilling, cooking and conversing with your Grill Master is a must!

Retaining Walls – Not all yards are completely level, so retaining walls add a nice feature to your yard. By adding landscaping lights, plants and trees around these areas will help enhance your yard’s features and make them more of a focal point in your yard. Not all yards are completely level, so retaining walls add a nice feature to your yard.

Recreational Area – When people gather in open spaces, there is always a need for activities and games. After all, what’s better than a little friendly competition between family and friends? Cornhole is always a favorite amongst the crowd, old fashioned croquet, or even have teams of various relay races to get the energy flowing!

Lighting – Lighting is essential to outdoor entertaining. You don’t want the fun to stop when the sun goes down, so plan accordingly. Coastal Source has a variety of lighting that can compliment the many areas of your front and back yard. From landscape lights, pathway lights, to deck and stair lighting; Coastal Source has you covered. Also, be sure to add fun lighting, such as lanterns, around your tables and string lights across your deck and patio for added ambiance.

Outdoor SpeakersMusic is a must at an outdoor event! We carry several lines of weatherproof speakers that will add many enjoyable hours to your outdoor space. These speakers can be mounted near your deck or you can choose from our line of Coastal Source speakers that are made to blend in with their surroundings.

Entertaining Space – An outdoor television can be a great way to enjoy the big game and get some fresh air at the same time. Samsung Terrace makes a sturdy all-weather television that can withstand the elements that Mother Nature throws its way. If you plan to install a weatherproof television to your outdoor space, you can count on this being a crowd pleaser!

Outside Entertainment

Whether you choose one or all of these suggestions, make it a priority to enjoy your outdoor space with family and friends. Our experts can install outdoor lighting and speakers, and show you how easy it is to control lighting and sound via an App on your smart phone. Call us at (804) 379-1348 or schedule an appointment online today!