How We Are Handling the Shipping Crisis

Recent times have brought us a global pandemic, natural disasters, job constraints, and a drastic change in our daily lifestyle. All of these things are enough to effect the economy; but then throw in a huge shipping crisis for good measure, and that’s what 2021 has brought us. 

Supply Chain Issues

Many of our vendors are having trouble manufacturing and shipping us the products we need for our customers in our normally allocated time. This has affected many businesses nationwide. However, we are doing what we can to help our customers receive their products in a timely manner. Some electronics that normally would ship to us in a matter of days are taking months to get to us.

Our Policy

Moseley Electronics is fortunate in that we have been able to stay open during this pandemic and we continue to service our residential and commercial customers. Once we receive word from any of our vendors that there is a delay in receiving products, we will notify our customers. 

Scheduled jobs are able to continue, and we can install everything needed for the job except for the missing product. When the item arrives, we will promptly install and integrate your technology into your space. We want to let our customers know we will not hold up an entire project for one piece of equipment. Our employees will continue to monitor the shipping situation with each of our vendors and will relay all information to our customers.  

Moving Forward

This continues to be a difficult time for many industries that rely on the importing of certain products. We will keep our customers informed and remain transparent in all aspects of the supply chain crisis. Moseley Electronics continues to be proactive in ordering supplies early and stocking up on supplies when we can. 

With nearly 160,000 small businesses having to close this past year, we are fortunate and thankful to be able to continue to serve our customers and this community. Moseley Electronics is embarking on our 46th year in business and we appreciate our loyal customers and business partners, as we know the best years are yet to come!