Lighting Scenarios for the Smart Home

With today’s automatic sensors, lighting is more than just having your lights turned on and off. Most people think that lights have three settings: on, off and dimmed. Instead of thinking of your lights as merely a function in your home, think of automatic lighting as a lifestyle element that can be programmed into your family’s schedule, activities and moods. The whole concept of smart lighting control systems is to light your home and yard, while also integrating it into your home environment, and personalizing your need for illumination.

Wired or Wireless

Operate Multiple Lights Using a Central Control SystemWhether your system is wired or wireless, you can integrate your lights into a central control system and operate multiple lights in different rooms with simple programmed commands. By customizing your lighting needs into scenes, it allows for you to program different rooms and lighting scenarios based on your needs, activities and time of day. Using scenes to customize your rooms and daily patterns can simplify your routine since you can activate scenes with one-button commands based on these preset schedules. You can also combine your lighting scenes with automatic shades, temperature settings, security systems and home theater activities. The created scenes can be activated and controlled with touchscreens, tablets, smartphones, handheld remotes or wall-mounted keypads.

We offer a wireless total home control system that can be integrated into your home to help control your indoor and outdoor lighting. This energy-saving system gives you the ability to adjust the amount of daylight and electric light (using light controls and automated shades) as well as temperature in a single room or throughout your whole home. The system also turns off standby power to small appliances when they’re not in use.

Voice Controlled

Not only can you program certain scenes for certain times, you can also use voice control for your lighting. There is no need to press a button to adjust the light, shade, or temperature control scenes. Simply speak your command and the system will perform the requested tasks. 

Examples of Lighting Scenes

Morning (Wakeup): Are you the type that likes to awake to full sunshine with shades up and bright lights first thing in the morning, or would you rather ease into your day with lights that slowly get brighter? You can customize your morning lights in your bedroom, kitchen and outside while also having your TV tune to your favorite channel for weather and traffic updates!

Dinner: During dinner time the family should be focused around the kitchen or dining room. Therefore, you don’t need every room in the house lit up.  You can use your Dinner scene to send an alert to the household, such as flashing lights on and off quickly, to alert those teens with headphones on and to save your voice. All other rooms and bedrooms can be turned off to save power while the family is enjoying time together.  Enjoy the Luxuries of a Fully Automated House

Night (Goodnight): The night scene turns off the entire home’s lights at bedtime. You can decide which lights go all the way off, which stay fully on (maybe a porch light or the lights over the kitchen sink) and which get dimmed down. The hallway or stair lights can be set to dim so late-night walkers can still see their way to the bathroom. The Night scene can be combined with your thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature for sleeping, as well as lowering shades in chosen rooms.

Party: This scene could brighten the lights where the party food is located, and dim the lights in the family room to just the right illumination for conversation or dancing!

Movie Time: Is Friday night Family Movie Night at your house?  Activate the Movie Scene by turning off all distracting lights near the TV or Home Theater Room.

Vacation (Away): The Vacation or Away scene could be programmed to mimic the way the lights would operate if you were at home. This is a great way to deter criminals. You can even alternate for different lights to be on different nights. The Away scene can also be integrated with the temperature controls and the home security system.

Light Up Your Life!

Lighting scenes can be practical and creative, but you’re not locked into them. Change the programming or use the wall dimmer to make adjustments accordingly. Interested in learning more about Setting Your Scenes?  Contact our Specialists by calling (804)379-1348 and we can help Light Up Your Life!

At Moseley Electronics we can help you set your lighting scenes.